The image above is a digital collage composed of obscure google finds
attached to keywords to do with 'webcamming'. 
The image was initially intended to accompany a 
collage about my myriad of professional endeavours. 
It was a co-creation between myself and a Pπ hacker and I quite 
enjoyed it actually. 

It was carefully timed in one of those Mercury in Retro-grade periods
and almost romantic. Almost, but not really. A bit though.
Not especially long ago, we had the Renaissance. This was a ‘movement’ of sorts that remain best observed through the educational system, the fact that texts – such as the bible – are available in many languages is a direct result of the Renaissance. It is most notably considered a time of advancement in the arts – artists had access through various diplomatic endeavours to paint using colours and mediums that enabled them to create works that remain unrivalled until today. My language – and not too any pretentious degree – is the Arts. And I am a better skilled listener than I am a speaker. I spent most of my life mute, though I didn’t necessarily see it that way – I just found dishonest conversation was best avoided.
So – we had a period called the Renaissance. Then, we had the Industrial Revolution. The Industrial Revolution was somewhat difficult – for the working classes especially – whom Americans might refer to as the ‘blue collar worker” and whom the British might refer to as “the proletariat”. Often the majority of these persons were tremendously underserved by society: and the middle classes, the wealthy and the powerful elite.
The working classes were hired to do ‘menial’ jobs, factory work, cleaning the streets – jobs that: often, no one wants to do but which must be done by somebody, all the same.
These individuals were – and still are – a product of an educational system that prepared them for these jobs. Like those we call ‘disabled’ – people from these backgrounds were considered underprivileged – we blame the economy, and their overworked parents, we blame their overworked teachers, we blame anyone that didn’t do their best at any chance they had to help these people advance into greater self sufficiency.
I once heard a Japanese business man say, on a video somewhere on YouTube, that the evolution of man is currently assessed by the advancements we notice in technology – and I can say without a moments hesitancy – that literarily speaking – I’ve had better and more enjoyable and also more informative conversations with autogenerated conversational systems.
For a time – we had the internet. It was a resource that provided people with information that somewhat created an equality amongst those who had the means and privilege to study and those that did not. But I’ll tell you this – and any Greek philosopher of yore (I’m being sardonic, I don’t EVER say yore) – nothing beats what you can learn from a good conversation or a gifted conversationalist. Wisdom beats knowledge.
Welcome to the Online Help Center!
You: Hi! I’m trying to apply to cam on your site, the link isn’t working
Spencer: Hi, my name is Spencer. I will be assisting you.
You: Ey Spencer
You: I’m excited
Spencer: May I ask, just to clarify, are you trying to create a Member or a Model account?
You: Which one pays better
Spencer: You will be able to earn money if you become a Model on our site.
You: Thats the one I’d like then
Spencer: I understand. I am glad to hear that you are about to join our community.
You: Okay
Spencer: You will be able to create a Model account here: https://modelcenter.jasmin.com/en/
Spencer: I would suggest you to read through this page as well, as you can find a lot of useful information about being a Model on our site: http://wiki.jasmin.com/display/EW/Model+Wiki+Home
You: When I click to open it, it immediately closes
You: I’m familiar with the process – I’ve been on livejasmin before
Spencer: In that case you may type: modelcenter,jasmin.com – in the search bar in order to reach the relevant page.
You: May I really
You: No you dont understand
You: my laptop is hacked by many people
You: I can’t open the page
You: How about you help me set up a profile
You: you may 😉
You: I am the most addictive conversationalist on this Planet Spencer
Spencer: Please note that this is Member Support, I am able to assist you with only site related questions. If you need any more assistance please contact our Model Support team on the following link: https://modelcenter.jasmin.com/en/online-support-chat/topic/other
You: I can’t open the page Spencer
You: I’ll explain it slowly and in detail
You: Whenever I click on a link
You: that is intended to direct me to the model application
You: I am prevented from doing so
You: because the page closes immediately
You: Does that make sense to you Spence
You: Can I call you Spence
Spencer: I would kindly suggest you to try to clear the cache/cookies and browsing history and restart your device after that.
You: How do I do that on Chrome?
You: Spence this is so serious. I am drinking chocolate milk from a mug and I don’t even have a straw
You: It has been diluted Spence.
You: With non dairy milk
You: It’s not even 100% chocolate milk
You: My mother is sleeping on a sofa, Spence
You: In her 2 floor, three bedroom house
You: She has to sleep with the light on because she’s afraid of the dark Spence
You: Do you understand how broke my family is
Spencer: To clear the cache/cookies from your browser please click on the 3-dot button in the top right corner, then go to Settings. Go to Advanced, and you will be able to find the option for clearing the browsing history as well.
You: I don’t have one of those
You: Can I send you a screen shot
You: I like you Spence
You: No but really, Spence, I um. I don’t have any of these things available on my browser
You: I like making you smile Spence
Spencer: May I ask, do you have any more site related questions I can assist you with?
You: Yes
You: why can I not access the model application page
Spencer: Unfortunately I am not able to tell. However I would suggest you to make sure that your device is updated to the newest version, and clear the cache/cookies and your browsing history.
You: I don’t think my laptop has the memory for that Spence
Spencer: In that case I would suggest you to try to use a different device.
You: Can I use my phone?
Spencer: Of course, you may use your mobile device.
You: So gracious of you
You: can you wait
Spencer: Yes, of course.
You: are all your offline models in ‘private chat’ ?
You: whats the link Spence?
Spencer: No, the Models who has the offline status are not online on the site. If a Model is in a Private chat, you will see a busy status.
Spencer: May I ask you to clarify your question please?
You: I’m glad so many of your models are making bank
You: Yes – what is the URL – the web address – for the model application
Spencer: You can create a Model account here: https://modelcenter.jasmin.com/en/
Spencer: Are you still with me please?
You: yes
You: You know I’m applying Spence
You: okay I’ve an issue
You: Why can I not put Jewish
You: Why is my ethnicity required at all
You: Did the people that created the forms for your site know that not all Middle Easterns are Arabs
You: And some Persians don’t even like being classed as Middle Eastern
You: Why not just put ‘semitic”
You: Because that covers an African to Arabian to Persian to Jewish scope
You: without making anyone feel left out
You: Why does it not offer ‘Aryan – Caucasian’
Spencer: I understand. I can forward your suggestion to the relevant department if you wish.
You: Thankyou
You: I am part Middle Eastern
You: part Jewish
You: part Mexican
You: part Paraguayan but not realllyyy
You: Part Italian
You: I’m a British passport holder
You: I mean there’s a lot of stuff going on
You: A lot of niches for me
You: Is LiveJasmin under new management
You: some cultural deficient
You: Should I have my people buy LiveJasmin
You: who owns LiveJasmin
You: It’s not Abby is it?
You: I know she owned OnHerCam
You: and had shares in Twitter
Spencer: Our site is owned and operated by Duodecad IT Services Luxembourg S.à.r.l.
You: Oooooh
You: A few things I like are actually
You: Thankyou
You: For the information
You: I enjoy “tiny” “normal” “big” “huge”
You: for breasts
You: they didnt bother with a thesaurus for that one did they
You: “gigantic”
You: “fucking monstrous”
You: “i smash coke cans with these beauties”
You: “my breasts are bigger than your brain”
You: “my breasts weigh more than your beer belly/your baby mother’s newborn”
You: my eyes are more hazel than brown
Spencer: May I ask, is there anything site related issues or questions I can help you with?
You: this conversation is exclusively pertaining to the nature of the adjectives used to describe womens bodies
You: which is what this site is selling
You: Heterosexual is a better word for “Straight”
Spencer: I understand. However if you have any questions please feel free to ask. If you have any more Model related questions I would kindly ask you to contact our Model Support team, as they will be able to assist you any further. You can reach them on the following link: https://modelcenter.jasmin.com/en/online-support-chat/topic/other
You: Spence
You: I’m not going to do that
You: copy and paste the conversation
You: into a word document
You: if you agree that these terms are inherently derogatory and offensive and chauvinistic
You: unless you are tremendously busy
You: I’m going to apply tomorrow, Spence. I am too tired to get my passport from my handbag
Spencer: I am not sure what you mean. May I ask you to clarify please?
You: I carry it around because sometimes people still I.D me
You: google the terms Spence
You: it takes a milisecond for a pc (I assume) whiz like you
You: pc as in personal computer – not police constable or politically correct
You: I hope for your sake you are not a police constable – and if you were politically correct, everything about this site would be extremely offensive to you
You: pc as in linux, microsoft…
You: the tacky, inefficiently designed computers for elitists
You: whose last resort at having any kind of ego is directly sourced from their being able to use an interface that doesnt look good
You: that allows for games that can be easily hacked
You: and really ruins games and generally encourages untrustworthy interactions between people that also have a right to use a computer
Spencer: I understand. Please note that this is Member Support chat. I am able to assist you only with site related matters.
You: im defining terms
You: helping you take thought journeys
You: giving you ideas for a better line of work
You: its all actually thoroughly relevant to the management of a site like livejasmin
You: for example, how do you take care of your camgirls
You: knowing what you know
You: and what i know you know
You: how responsible are you personally for the women on your site
You: your performers
You: what lengths do you take to ensure these women – that sell their personal information for example – are kept safe
You: what precautions do you take to make sure that women earn proportionately to the amount of viewers they have at any given time
Spencer: Our site takes serious security measures to grant maximum protection to information against unauthorized access, modification, disclosure or deletion of data. The subscribers and Models’ details are always protected by highly sophisticated security system.
You: system singular
You: ?
You: and is it your site that takes those precautions – who specifically?
You: and do your staff also pay to view models in private chat?
You: or do their earnings take that into account?
You: what measures do you take to ensure that your performers are protected in the long term?
You: and do you ever pass their details on to police?
You: because i was sexually molested by police who had been stalking me
You: and im unsure of exactly where it actually began if im honest
You: i was later sedated and raped in a psychiatric ward – and one of the psychiatrists was pretending not to know who i am
Spencer: I do not have the technical knowledge to answer to your questions. You may read our Privacy Policy to get more information about it. https://jasmin.com/en/policy
You: i will do so
You: but Spence it’s not a question that requires any technical knowledge whatsoever
You: do you ever pass on performers details to other entities or organisations, such as the police
You: and under what circumstances do you do so
You: you – the company you represent
You: Duodecad
You: who I think own a lot of the companies i buy clothes from actually
Spencer: You will be able to find the requested information in our Privacy Policy on the provided link.
You: Im experiencing the same issue
You: as I did in an attempt to model for your site
You: the page doesnt open for me
You: it’s concerning
Spencer: I understand. If you visit our site you will be able to reach the Privacy Policy at the bottom of the page as well.
You: Can you copy and paste the relevant bits please Spence
Spencer: I am not able to do so. I would suggest to visit our site, and at the bottom of the page you will be able to find our Privacy Policy.
You: Are you having hacker problems too Spence?
You: The appropriate answer is “probably”
Spencer: Could you clarify please?
You: :p
You: Could you define clarify, please?
You: I’ll give you a sec – I’m gonna put some sausages on
You: If I don’t eat people die
You: haha
Spencer: Please note that as we are the Member Support department I am only able to assist with questions regarding the Member side of our site. If you wish to know more about how to be a Model, you may visit our Wiki here: http://wiki.jasmin.com/display/EW/Model+Wiki+Home Aside from that, if you wish for details regarding our Privacy Policy, please visit this link here: https://www.livejasmin.com/en/privacy-policy
You: It took you a long time to copy and paste that Spence
Spencer: If you have any question regarding being a Member I am glad to assist you, otherwise I will have to ignore this chat. Thank you for your understanding in advance.
You: Please ignore this chat Spence
You: No one who has ever spoken to me
You: Has successfully forgotten about it
You: EVER.
You: ciaociao
The typing errors and grammatical errors – which are more than forgivable in a person who is focusing their energy resources towards being an interesting conversationalist indicated that he was genuinely trying his very hardest to write to me.
It is easy to be pedantic about misspellings and misplaced apostrophes, it is so0o easy to repeatedly use phrases like ‘you may’ when you’re typing (but I can tell that you don’t use those in conversation – I can tell that you’ve never been taught to – I have been taught to – I CHOOSE not to). That is: my informality is something I exert tremendous efforts towards. I’ve been raised by the daughter of a very great diplomat who was the son of a great judge who served the United Nations. There are pieces of Native South American land that were NAMED after my Great Grandfather. He arranged to have built: hospitals, farms and schools that catered specifically to the traditions and laws and ways of those people from whom the people you might see walking the civilised streets of Paraguay stole land from. And I’m sure he struggled with the fact that it was simply not good enough.
My mother’s idea of a teenage rebellion, which remains amongst my greatest outrages – was being a dancer. A ballerina. An aspiring thespian.
Her rebellion was that she didn’t like the designer clothes her mother “forced” her to wear. She rejected a life that she was raised for – not knowing what she was truly being raised for (a dancer’s education in those days was 6 hours of dance on minimal food, with no braincells left to learn anything) – and as a result my older brother, “sister” and I have never been given our true titles, never acknowledged for who we are because of her.
My teenage rebellion was Pornography. Pornography is more difficult to define than you might think – the sex industry requires all the talents of a dancer, (and ESPECIALLY) a thespian – and an engaging conversationalist too. The sex industry puts you in front of ridiculously wealthy men who’ve nurtured in their true personalities, only poor self esteem and perhaps the know how to offer a performance to pretend otherwise. Who have often been given superb educations – but – also are still slaves to their penises and base sexual ‘desire’. And a lot of them are reminded of abusive family members when they are met with humour or pity – and have learned to see the interaction as BDSM. I am repelled by abuse – I couldn’t ‘abuse’ a person unless I had been told to by someone I considered a superior, like my Aunt (The Queen of Israel). It would actually cause me suffering, because I had a spiritual upbringing that taught me that the only worthwhile pursuit in life is service. Try explaining ‘service’ to someone who thinks BDSM is a healthy or acceptable lifestyle. Try explaining ‘service’ to someone that has studied karma on a scientific level and who would argue that it’s actually selfish to treat a person with love, that had chosen a life of suffering. (Spiritual sociopaths are a WHOLE unexplored level of being that most humans will never, ever encounter.)
Every woman you meet through the adult industry will teach you something. Every woman you meet outside of the adult industry will be an inferior. I recently was introduced online, to a very, very young girl who had her entire face done – so she could stalk me. She introduced herself, at my pandering hello – to “I’m big dick steve”.
I know that I wasn’t engaging in an autogenerated dialogue – because of those errors actually. Those errors made of the chap whose sad, robotic attempts at interaction unequivocally and undoubtedly human.
The truth is, that if you want to run society – you see my family are royalty – you have to work your way up from the dregs. You cannot appreciate the struggles of the foundations of society – and that is what sex workers were in the past

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