This is a typeface i made to replace the logo for 'Women's Media
Center'. I recently blocked them from emailing me. They won't miss
my readership, no one ever does.

'Cuntre' is a reference to the middle english pronunciation of the 
word. According to google it isn't the correct spelling. 
FIRST OF ALL I clearly wasn't that eager to spell anything correctly

Chaucer couldn't spell and - he's just about the extent of our 
understanding of Middle English, particularly in narratives, sadly. 

screen shot 2019-01-08 at 02.44.59

@TheRoberovsky on Youtube kindly uploaded this video of Germaine
Greer offering an "etymology of 'cunt'. Taken from BBC's Balderdash
and Piffle" - one undermines the little captions people put beneath
their youtube videos but you'd be surprised at how much people get
paid to write those for cinemas etc.

If I need to clarify how much NO this entire email is – women aren’t worth saving. Use your brain. You do have one. Promise. (I can say that – as someone that has been abused by every woman she has ever known. You cannot. Unless you’ve also been abused by every woman you have ever known and also not done anything about it because women also taught you that they’d hurt you even more if you tried to defend yourself.)

Are you done being offended? Problems arise when women are taught that they need people to save them. When women are encouraged to act vulnerable, taught that that vulnerability is inherent to being feminine, taught to manipulate people into defending them – when they have to learn to defend themselves and look after themselves. And some women have to lose a lot before they learn a way of defending themselves that works for them.

I was raised by generations of women who were mistreated by men, lied to by men, had every imaginable childhood pain triggered by something that men were responsible for. And eventually everything turns around – and not many women can boast the solitude the women in my family can.

I am female and I am a feminist – but I am also probably quite speciesist against humans. I don’t like humans at all. I have never had a reason to learn to. I’m not really taken or swayed by physical gender anymore – there are secrets men keep that they ought not to keep anymore because it is causing human evolution to stagnate. I believe it and any man reading this would know I’m right to.

But this email triggered the desire to author this post:

Screen Shot 2018-12-30 at 22.35.58

I struggle to believe that this was intended to be sardonic. I struggle to believe the person that wrote it, got paid to write it (people who work for non-profit organisations do get paid – my mother never did and nor did I, we sacrificed our deserving a salary in exchange for the freedom to come in whenever we wanted to – we paid to work.) (I and my mother volunteered our time to CLAAS – a charity organisation through which we contributed efforts to human rights cases, just by writing letters.)

(My mother did more than that – but didn’t realise I deserved to be properly credited and given some kind of reference.)

Monitoring media – read 1984.

Here is the audio book. Uploaded to youtube by @UncleEvey.

Training women to be effective – unnecessary, have them read or hear literally a sentence or two from the Female Eunach – a book by Germaine Greer.

Here is Ms Germaine Greer discussing the book, uploaded to youtube by the >> BBC. <<

‘Creating original content from talented women’ – I’m not one to say, being as terrifically stupid as I am – and I am, I’ll give you that – I don’t think you’re the person to judge what that means. You can’t even hire a decent copywriter.

‘Investigating and documenting the status of women in media’ –

And the #metoo movement is …nice. So nice. But not nice enough. Not when the only women contributing to the movement are celebrities who gain publicity for their stories and pity from prospective fans – and there are plenty of women who don’t ever get that publicity. Plenty of women who are targeted by men with too much money (more money than sense, more money than taste, more money than ANYONE doing their work should have) and who don’t even have the financial means or know-how to locate and hire a decent legal team. There are women whose google searches are compiled of their stalkers approved law firms – women who seek legal advice from women whose degrees involved their regurgitating everything they were taught by their often male, often women-hating lecturers.

I was undermarked in Philosophy because I liked to use my A level as a chance to actually express my own opinions and he DIDN’T LIKE IT VERY MUCH AT ALL.

There are plenty of fascinating women who have something interesting to say and who are kept ‘secrets’. They don’t get picked or recommended by YouTube. They don’t get money for their work, even if they get views their views aren’t documented (unless it’s someone they know watching the video.) – and sometimes the only thing these women rouse in their audiences is pure jealousy.

Everyone around interesting women makes money off of their ideas, off of their educations, off of their imaginations – often leaving them with nothing, not even proper credit – including my teachers at Saint James Independent School. Revenge is coming and how sweeeeeeeeeeet it’ll be.

I am the salt swollen cunt.

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