I mean – my teachers – might actually be the Planets parents.

You might be related to Adolf Hitler, Che Guevara. Brown haired people – who managed to rise above the military, the arts etc. And some of us to Maynard James Keenan.

It requires proper genetic testing which you literally can’t trust from anyone right now!

Ms Hyde

Ralph Fiennes + Joseph Fiennes

Isabella Rossellini


Elena Tikhonova

Gaspard Ulliel

Eric Bana

Ville Valo

Rachel Weisz

Russell Brand

‘Original’ me – the blue eyed one

Oliver Sykes

Theo Acworth

Rose Byrne

Amanda Hendricks

Aaron Golding

Sean Suhl

Adreena of GodsGirls

Dave Grohl

Annaliese Nielsen

I mean there are waaaaay more of us but why else was I drawn to gathering you all in particular – in my mind?

There’s a lyric where Tori says “Things are getting kinda gross.”


And then some of you might be related to Dr Jane Goodall. The blondes interested by the sciences in particular… I was interested always in animal welfare. Particularly Gorillas, as a child. The movie – Mighty Joe Young.

Find people it is impossible for you not to love or have respect towards – and work out why.

We are lied to about fertility and how reproduction really works ;_;

Black people – Lisa – my teacher and her family – was religiously above in terms of Hinduism as she came from a Priest Cast – and she rose above the police when she offered assistance in investing a case and her conclusion was “the police did it.”

Beyonce looks a HELL OF A LOT like Lil Kim who looks a HELL OF A LOT like Lisa, Nicki Minaj looks a HELL OF A LOT like Chaka Khan etc etc etc


I’m going to continue Lisa’s work, ideally through joining the army – I have a LOT to offer and anyone who takes a military service seriously – removed from ego or the choice to be insulted by someone who has continuously been struggling to survive throughout their entire life will only be able to respect that. I mean – my karma is – I can’t misbehave and I can’t do anything if I think it’s wrong in my heart – but the result of it is that I ALWAYS come out alive and I save a lot of people too.

I’d rather be Forest Gump than Lieutenant Dan and I think Bubba faked his death to escape his mother, I’m not gonna lie

My advice when/if you go to a Doctor or talk to anyone that has a career that requires them to take an oath, is to ask them to recite the details of the oath – and what is required of them under that oath. If you do not get a chill when they are talking about their oath, they aren’t sincere. I’d suggest you leave because it means nothing to them.

All of these people are to some extent empaths or at least addicted to feeling extreme emotions. They can all feel a chill and they’d all quite comfortably expect sincerity from a doctor – so if you’re a doctor and you don’t mean your oath – these people are the snitchy kind

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