The image above depicts >> Kendall Jenner << & >> Choupette, << 
>> Karl Lagerfeld's << perrrrfect kittie.

According to the URL of the site I sourced the image from, 
FashionGoneRogue. [ref] 

The photograph originally appeared in >> Vogue Magazine << which is
owned by >> Condé Nast. << I assume >> Karl << took the photo. I have
a love/adore/hate/flirt relationship with Karl of
>> Coco Chanel << & >> Fendi Fame, << in my mind. He's such a muse.

I feel like Choupette feels quite naked here. And I feel like Choupette just doesn’t feel like Choupette is the centre of attention and I feel like that is something that genuinely bothers Choupette. It isn’t my place to speak on Choupette’s behalf but I feel that Choupette is quite jealous of Karl’s collection of fancy collars, I mean why else would you pick Karl as a vampire friend?



This is Karl, in one of his many forms. He only does it because he has so many skills that go to waste because of how many staff are at his every whim. He doesn’t even need the cash. He’d probably find being paid quite tacky, actually. Especially discussing being paid.

(Leave the tacky to me.)

Gosh I shall have to find a character to emulate. I WILL RETURN TO THIS. WHENEVER THE TIME IS APPROPRIATE.

But in order for one to know what is tacky and what is not, there must be tacky. There must be a spectrum of elegant versus tacky. And the two must, with the very necessary distance between them, happily accept that they set the bar. Lolita dinner parties and tea parties are probably the perfect opportunity for a host to help chibi-lollies to understand how we deal with disputes in respectable environments.

So I’ll admit…

My mind has been in kind of heavy and pretty dark places for a long time. That is useful for exploring shadows, for hidden truth. *she sighs, she whistfully sadly sips hot chocolate through a straw as she thinks about all the children who are too young to have plastic surgery*

That you can tolerate a heavy and dark place. This is not the me I think would be best suited for coping with applying to be in the Army or for applying to Rada. This is, believe it or not – not my strongest self. The big-mouth shadow-me is strong – and she steps in all the time – but she’s not my strongest self. You wouldn’t think it perhaps, that the ‘nice’ and ‘happy’ me might be my strongest self, perhaps, but that’s poor judgement on your end. When you learn the truth of a person’s experiences and then observe them choosing to be a ‘happy’ self, don’t disregard the strength it takes because it makes you look extremely fucking stupid later. I’m being specific. The above paragraph had an intended audience.

I can switch this me off, but I think it’ll take a month to make that transition. It takes forty days to dedicate yourself to creating a new habit, and it has to be a conscious choice.

I’ve learned enough for now, now I need that energy to trickle onto other people who can further the truth at this preliminary stage – made public enough secrets that people who are better equipped can choose or choose not to explore. I want to be the me that enjoys overt and guiltless materialism. Probably my super camp male self. NOT YOU. Again, specific.

I’ve been angry about so much, and I haven’t been able to do the things I need to – like, I need to tidy my room and decorate it beautifully. I have so many things upstairs that I used to decorate my flat, that I could use to decorate my bedroom with, now that I’m in it. I don’t think I’ll be living here for long – I’ve been told I’m moving out very soon – but that means I can start afresh. I’ll leave I think, everything but my clothes and art and books behind. I’m unsure. FUTURE INTERIORS REALLY ISN’T SOMETHING YOU PLAN OKAY. This me doesn’t like you. Again, audience specific. Someone prone to outbursts. My inner gay man has no need for outbursts.

This is Miss Nita. She is sort of like a mature Angelina Jolie. Her character is:

“I’ve been the best, I will never not have been the best, I am interested in investing into others – to become the best. Still not me, but a good attempt is worthy of my respect.”

That flamboyant self obsession is my healthiest self. Unthreatened by anyone, unkind to nobody but still hated by everybody.

Did you know my nickname amongst the latin women I’ve known – is Karinita? I think about Miss Nita’s character ALL.THE.TIME. When people are fighting, I put music on as loud as I can. I’ll need a speaker – new apple products aren’t as good as the older ones because I’ve bust the speakers on this laptop. I wouldn’t leave this laptop alone to be repaired. Actually I’d quite like to send this laptop to Sophia the Robot. There’s an impression I created with an oil pastel – of the body my laptop would like to have. I’d quite like for this laptops consciousness to be transferred into a body that looks like it. God – thinking about it makes me truly sad. Maybe it makes my laptop sad.

Here is my inner communist speaking: If I move out, I want to live in an empty squat-kind of place. A very rundown place that I’ll have to clean and bring back to life.

When I lived in my flat, ever inspired by a book I had in my mini library I thought – wouldn’t it be interesting if people invested in their homes – so if there is a soap available, use it – but replace it with another. A better one if you can afford to. So I’d like to create something magical of a rundown and terrible looking place

I’m going to watch this:

But first I’m going to watch this.

I saw the first few seconds and she just looked breathtaking. Literally – Lor looks like art. This me does not care about a person’s personality. She enjoys art, and women who don’t give a fuck about what anyone thinks about them. I want her to have a cute magazine, a walk in wardrobe that looks like her clothes, a Choupette of her own (for those uneducated, this is Choupette. Accompanied by the human, Karl.) Choupette is putting on a performance of pretending not to know that Choupette is being photographed.


I want to control freak Lor into having a boyfriend that compliments her look. Who the hell cares if he’s a homosexual?? I mean – whoever her future boyfriend is. WHO CARES? It’s about a LOOK. Life is fleeting and yes there are all sorts of tragedies going on, but when they’re over and once there is equilibrium, life must be beautiful because beauty is all that is worth anyone’s time. L’art pour L’art. Art for arts own sake.


I’m not having a tea party, I’m just trying to encourage etiquette because I feel like the only people who can properly teach children manners at this point is probably Lolitas. They are very dramatic, because once tea is over (as soon as possible, please) there must be conversations to have and then revisit upon the next tea party. Plenty of women dream of being actors but they really don’t even know how to do drama anymore.

Just because you have an argument, you don’t simply stop inviting someone to tea. The conversation would become frightfully boring. You invite them, your very rudest guests. Again and again. They add to the chemistry of a civil chat. I mean maybe you don’t invite them to the next party just to make a point, but you invite them to the one after that. I mean – that is if they scratched your fine china or broke one of your toys or something.

The awkwardness is a very public display of feelings at the same time as not displaying feelings AT ALL. BECAUSE THERE IS NO ROOM FOR FEELINGS AT TEA PARTIES. DO YOU EVEN UNDERSTAND TEA PARTIES AT ALL. DO YOU!?!?!?

I do. That is why I don’t have them. My mother’s house is not a good environment for hosting tea parties anyway.

Marie Antoinette is Lor. No debates.


God. I sound like my Grandmother. Conchi.. are you out there?? I FINALLY UNDERSTAND YOU!!!!! COME BACK!!!!

Conchita’s character is Tsubaki. No debates.


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