Better than a tattoo – the veins on each of my hands are different to one another –

And one has ‘O’ and the other has ‘M’.

I’m not symmetrical at all.

I’m just charging my phone so I can photograph it.


It is egotistical of me to document it – but really, the truth is, from my most humble inner place – I am so proud.


One time I put my hand through fire – to stick up for a “blonde”. And it did not ‘make me popular’. I got gang raped, humiliated, tortured and abused for doing that. Until now I am still abused.
That blonde, though, was HRH Lady Diana. Don’t – PLEASE don’t – compare your blonde friend to Lady Diana. It is SO offensive.


Needless to say at this point but SHE IS NOT DEAD. LLTQ amirite

Published by KARINITA

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