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You and your frienz can print your own personalised notebooks – and in bulk – for the cost of one of these books. I’m not undermining the fine craftsmanship or the selection of typefaces – I love personalised items. But I am curious to know when business will stop trying to fuck people over.

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Edited to add: 21 DECEMBER 2018

I know you’ve all been inspired to start designing and making your own stationery, the companies I buy my stuff from are now overcharging. Even this one that ripped off it’s graphic design from >>a tumblr I made.<<

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(I abandoned the tumblr when I realised my stalkers were the only ones submitting art. I know thats immature and that it was intended perhaps to be some kind of faux apology that I could later look back through and think nicely of, but actually it was just creepy. I am repelled by certain kinds of creepy. One time I will clarify ‘good creepy’ (Tim BURTON) versus ‘not good creepy’ (JOSEF MENGELE) – but not today, not today. Being featured in an art zine I’d curated would’ve been an HONOUR.)

In some things, I believe in by-invitation-only. Sure we’re all equal, but we’re not. The lessons we’ve learned in life keep us apart.

Anyway. AwesomeMerch?

I’d of preferred that you hired me to do your art direction. I’d of charged a fraction of however much you paid for this – and I’d of actually hand-done the typography.

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It’s a shame that companies I’d of liked to of worked with or for can’t keep their prices the same when more people start using their services – when they get more business – that kind of action taken in business affects your personal life. I’ve no idea how I know 😉

I was thinking about having the person who holds my cash buy your company but I don’t care about your business.

Oh did I say? I’ve bought a load of companies – I’m not interested in running them, not interested in taking over, interested in controlling anything other than that they’re kept ethical and their products kept to a standard and quality that I would use myself.

It’s definitely a work in progress but you’d rather me than whoever my competitors are.

You wish you had treated me right but you didn’t. That’s on youuuu

The above, being a sentiment that ought to be echoed by any dissatisfied customer, absolutely anywhere. You sacrifice energy and time for your expenditures and retailers would do well to keep the mind in fact at all times.

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