In Avatar a REAL HUMAN gets his CONSCIOUSNESS transferred into another body. This is VERY, VERY important – because it is an explanation of the fact that there are many, many people who are moved into another body on this planet.

When I am feeling especially patronising – I think my chihuahuas would say – I communicate serious topics using a child’s voice. People have heard my sister child-talk, but she’d of learned that from me. It ought to make sense as I was the last person to be a child in our family – til the entire family consecutively took it in turns to abuse me so terribly that I had to be moved into another body because that one wanted to die – and I stopped speaking to them. I had a relationship with someone where we spoke to each other using baby voices also – it wasn’t a thing that merged into our sexual relationship. For some people it is, and that is not a sex-crime, but something thats certainly worth verbalising. I would struggle to communicate any kind of sexual interests using a baby’s voice. No one I have ever slept with would’ve found that sexy either, I think.

So I’m going to do my baby voice – I’m going to write it phonetically – to explain a tough concept for you all.

There are people with vewwy vewwy awful disabiwities that do nowt wownt to be in bodies that have those disabiwities. So – if they behave or have a wot of money they are moved into new bodies.

Heavily disabled people can be transferred into other bodies – but the idea of suffering is, as far as religion is concerned, a chance to LEARN things.

A lot of people fancy themselves psychologists and psychiatrists – people who invade my mind and watch things they shouldn’t be watching, listen to things it’s not their business to listen to, psychoanalyse me when our lives have been – literally lives apart. It’s inethical, especially when I’m the kind of person who would do most things in an honest environment in exchange for CASH.
Check this – even if you steal from me – everything is an exchange. I might not get the payment straight away, but you’ve no idea of what the value of my talents are to me. You do that to me – STEAL – and don’t think worse won’t happen to you, and further yet – don’t think that some aspect of me won’t be back to claim what was stolen. You stalk me, use me to have sex with men that are – atleast physically way out of your league – and assume I won’t find out and later equal things out a little bit – your mistake.

You assume I’m a robot because my emotional landscape is more mature than yours, your mistake to make. I do not owe explanations for what I’ve experienced and I do not communicate this out of a desire to manipulate you. I am WaRNING you.

I like the lowercase a, in the greek alphabet the lowercase signifies ‘alpha’.

I am a communist, I believe we are all equal. But that is a privileged kind of thinking and not remotely spiritual. So that is why I have consistently said that communism needs to be redefined. If I believe you should be a mother, that is for me to believe – and if you should be – you won’t have to steal. If I have agreed with you that a baby was for YOU – and some other person you know has the baby, especially one that has infertility issues – it is on YOU to retrieve that child. It is for you to tell the truth, that is what I really need from you – for you to tell the truth.

Even if it makes me angry, it’s the only way for you to get out of this mess.

There’s no dialogue I’m afraid of. I don’t want kids, but I know many want ME. There’s a Phillip Larkin poem about how parents fuck you up. I advise you read it. I know there are parents manipulating kids with this false idea of love that is rooted in abandonment issues – rooted in competition – rooted in ultimately embarrassment over theft.

I believe that if you want children, especially if you’ve fucked me over – your thoughts should be towards ADOPTION. You cannot simply change abuse.

Every person I ‘abused’ – was someone I had terrible karma with. ‘Sam’ in the bathroom – my dad that sold me to a doctor. I was being mind controlled by Sue and Ian at the afterschool club but it doesn’t change anything. The boy I pushed? Was touching me in places I should not of been touched in. ‘Dahlia’? My mother – who abused me throughout my entire life. Some abuses are karmic.

It doesn’t excuse them, but they are not YOUR excuse to abuse. And the issue is, every Sam thinks he’s the only Sam. So they all do something inexcusably abusive towards me without really knowing how much I suffered my entire life. It’s just an excuse to live a crude sexual fantasy. And if it’s not consensual – and you’re not paying for it, you will pay for it and not even my pity towards you for the fact will save you.


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