170522112455-trump-never-mentioned-israel-to-russians-sot-ath-00003520-exlarge-169Here’s my opinion of Trump, based on things I’ve learned very recently

In a World where everything you own is made by a company or many companies that are owned – and not by their CEOS (even if you think so) – by the same people – the only person or kind of people who can cope with that pressure are business men. Not passionate politicians or revolutionaries that want to change the World. We had a chance for that, and we screwed it up.

Better a Jew that can cope with generations of hate and persecution and being humiliated (we’re a self sacrificial, righteous bunch – it’s in our blood/nature/culture)  (and we’re humiliated by our families from fucking BIRTH) than anyone else. Hillary and Trump’s ‘crimes’ as people in power really aren’t that bad at all – but Hillary would’ve been crucified. And Hillary couldn’t of taken the abuse that Trump has.

It has to be someone that answers to God, or someone that answers to someone that answers to God. As in if a Head Rabbi wanted the president of Israel out, or even Trump – believe me you – they’d be gone in a second. This World has fucked Jews over – so we’re not altogether too eager to sort out your collective mess, unless it’s someone like Trump, who stands to benefit from it when his terms are done.

When you go up the business ‘pyramid’ – everything from your camera to your laptop to your sanitary towels are owned by the same few people or entities. And if a company allows you to think otherwise, lucky you. The lie is nicer than the truth if you’re the kind of person who thinks in terms of money = power – you’re a slave. Because unless you own the bank holding your cash for you, it’s not your cash. If your bank disappeared, with all your money, and all the computers that documented how much you had in your account were suddenly blown up – you’d be reduced to nothing. Can you live without nothing? Probably not. And worse – can you live with everything that you KNOW you worked for being taken from you? You’d probably need some kind of psychiatric help to get you through that – in the UK we have the NHS. The NHS tests drugs on people, tests methods of therapy on people and sells their medical information. Nothing is free. Your taxes don’t pay for the NHS – your body does. And if you’re lucky enough not to need to visit the doctor much, someone else’s body does.

The only perspectives I can speak from are related to personality, the mind – and religion. Fortunately those are the biggest pocket fillers and I do it for freeeeee. I couldn’t be a psychiatrist, because the information would be stolen. I’d study the sciences or whatever, all of my research would be stolen. I’d open a practice – all of my research would be stolen. All of my patients personal and intimate details would be stolen and I’d be crippled with the guilt that comes with being responsible for people who made themselves vulnerable enough to tell me their deepest problems and then later learn that I was contributing somehow to a collection of data that could be used to hurt people with very particular kinds of problems.

I do not use my capacity for knowledge (and I can channel Freud and Jung – like it or not) because it is irresponsible. Ego is not-good if you can’t go without one. My ego has an on-off switch. Everyone I’ve ever been in love with or attracted to has seen/heard me taking a shit – their friends too, probably – and I have to be okay with that. People have watched my dreams – and I have to be okay with that. People have stolen my aspirations without working hard to validate their right to them and I have to be okay with that. Believe me – my shadow self isn’t okay with it. And you might think “oh, get rid of her – she’s a bitch” – well she’s saved a lot of lives being a bitch. Had the universal-you pitying people I was ‘cruel’ to, which probably saved them a horrific and lonely suicide. Some people ought to kill themselves, I believe that, but not before learning the truth of what motivated their behaviours.

When my temper tantrums are at Hannibal Lecter level of balance and calmness and serenity, I assure you, I’ll romanticise myself with those phrases people put on posters like “unstoppable”

In a World that is now a mess because we thought (THOUGHT) the United States was the Ultimate world power (IT IS NOT) – when we finally got an idealist like President Obama into power and then shat all over him with opinions we were fed by the media – also owned by the same companies that probably also own shit like tampax – our disloyalty to him and our inability to have faith in him was our own collective demise. (You see – presidents know a lot of things about their countries that we and their citizens do not.  So once we vote them in – potential for the position predetermined or not – the very best thing we can do is be supportive. Communicate issues like grown ups. Dialogue with a person who has had everything and nothing in the time space difference of mere seconds and accept the strength in that.)

Unlike the Obama family, no one expects you to like the Trumps. Least of all them. They are not likeable people – and the best you’ve got is that they don’t pretend to be either. His kids have been bullied the hell out of and I don’t think any of them would’ve actually even voted for him.

And even when free-thinking liberal journalists get ‘leads’ of information that they feed to the public, in order to to rip these people and their families apart for some strange perceived injustice – at some point you have to seek alternative sources of information. And when you see things from another perspective, learn to accept your mistakes. It begins with the people in your immediate surroundings. You have to stop bullying people and learn to like, iunno, not make drama yours if it isn’t yours.

If you cared so deeply about the Mexicans being sent back, you’d offer them a home. I know lots of you have lots of homes with lots of rooms you absolutely don’t fucking need. Since when do you guys ACTUALLY care about Mexicans?

The Illuminati are about truth – enlightenment. It is a SPIRITUAL journey. My chosen head of the Illuminati is a woman who hasn’t got much money to her name and who I don’t see very often. Actually I’ve spoken to her all of a-few times in my entire life.
She was chosen by me after I reached ‘the top’ – and it’s not a glamorous position. There’s no candle lit castle hallway, no magical wardrobe of bespoke tailored garments and bejewelled crowns and floor to ceiling length mirrors for you to twirl and prance around in front of while listening to hysterical violins – (and I wish there was, that is, again my shadow self).

So no – your favourite footballer isn’t Illuminati. And if they’re in a fraternity it is because they are bottom feeders – if you are in a fraternity and you don’t even have a degree – you are fucking screwed. You’re probably a sex slave or an energy slave. Someone who is actually at-the-top will probably abuse you into doing crimes on their behalf. Especially if you’re an idiot with an addictive personality and so easily manipulated that you’ll listen to any terrible thought if you can convince yourself it’s without consequence – but these fraternities can take you through every terrible thought and use it later to control you into unimaginable levels of self hate and guilt – and fear – and then insanity. Only someone who has ever sexualised insanity can get through that shit alive. And thank YOUR lucky fucking stars I did.

If you ARE Illuminati and you can rise up the Fraternity thing – you didn’t do it alone – and your loyalty is with the Illuminati, even if your Fraternity has you vowing otherwise. And your Fraternity know it, and the Illuminati know it, so you’ll have friends in neither of those. And only someone who has sexualised not having friends can get through having no friends alive. And thank YOUR fucking lucky stars I did, and thank your lucky stars that I haven’t killed you – I am royalty. If I kill someone, if I get arrested – I CAN call the embassy. I can call MANY embassies and they will explain that I am entitled to the privileges of royalty. That means diplomatic immunity. But you get away with that ONCE – and trust me – I am SAVING it.

And if you don’t know vampires, you’ll probably lose your life trying to impress women by name dropping the secret societies that KNOW you’re DOING IT. Many men were threatened by my ego – many women were also. I was told by a psychiatrist “you’re (wait i’m trying to remember the word she used)… some variation of the word ‘egocentric”

Well. Read my blog, work out what I’ve been through. You’d probably encourage that behaviour if I had decided to manipulate you with my life story. And then I met a colleague of yours who I did explain my life story to and he stuck up for my abusers. He had no idea of what he was doing, nor did he know that I would then get sedated and raped in a ward he was working for.

The British Monarchy are funny because they’re technically not British royalty at all. It’s cruel to write that, but this country is a hierarchy of it’s own and the truth is the truth is the truth. See it as me protecting you, as always.

Anyone – literally anyone – who thinks they could do my job is my GUEST.

See this as a conceptual little chat: if you want to shit on – that is SAVE – the music industry – your favourite singers and rappers etc – you have to be able to outsing the best singers. And also not think you’re better than them because musicians are a competitive bunch and they’re mind controlled into that. They can’t help it. And obnoxious divas are actually like, my taste in women.

Even when your very favourite artists despise you – you’ll have to be okay with it. When women you were obsessed with shit all over you for doing something that they also did to a worser extent – you’ll have to be okay with it. And when they reach the top of a pyramid they know nothing about, because you pitied or even admired them too much to stick up for yourself, they’ll have to be okay with you ‘getting revenge’.

Things to be okay with – not being the Head of the Illuminati.

And there are people above the Head of the Illuminati – better candidates – who would have to sacrifice a lot for the position. If you want to be in a sorority or a fraternity, create your own. I did as a child and then again, when I went to University. And then learned that when they weren’t around me almost all of those friends were false. No longer valuable to anyone when they weren’t in enough proximity to learn things about me and then bitch about me. I mean – try and find out what they do now. How they dress now. I mean it’s a 5 minute laugh.


The Illuminati is actually headed by angels and people who are prepared to share their bodies with angels. That means that if you fuck your friends over, the consequences of the fact aren’t handled by anyone on this Planet.
And you don’t even believe in them, do you, angels

My proving that I speak to and spend time in the company of not only angels, but the baphomet also – is why those entities and fraternities go to such great lengths to hide their identities from me. Really. A company tried to get me to go to an ‘animal sanctuary’ that was ethically testing on ill and endangered animals using one of it’s secret corporate identity monikers. Careful lengths taken not to be entirely dishonest because – lets be honest – my enemies have a hard time as time passes. I accept that someone was doing a job, probably someone that wouldn’t really want to hurt me if they actually hung out with me because I’m a genuine and kind person. The kind who, as a child, might’ve quite liked ‘being abducted’ and gotten a crush on the person who abducted her because s/he reminded her of her very favourite people. I mean from a total sociopaths point of view it’s a form of manipulation but the feeling you’re left with after everything never goes away (ask any of my abusers – and there are literally thousands of you -)

The worst is if you have a child – actually – because I’m one of those mediums that kind of mirrors a person you think about a lot of the time (the only person you should think about a lot of the time, if you hang out with me, is me) (so i have to be okay with people close to me hanging out with me when I’m using the toilet.)

Oh waitttt here’s the worst bit so far – and not for like, humiliating purposes –

You have to be okay with famous people’s kids thinking of you when they use the toilet because otherwise they’d feel EMBARRASSED to go to the toilet. That is not funny to me but it is funny to some people.

Oh no wait HERE’S THE WORST.

There was a time when I really thought that going to the toilet was the scariest thing in the World and it turns out that someone’s child had been thinking of me, hanging out with me. That child was abused and molested – in my body – by the police. So thats MY trauma shared with however many other people saw that memory – including a child that I’ve never even met.

Reckless decisions. My life isn’t a sex game but if it was, I pick who plays


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