puck is SARCASTIC okay

he doesnt MEAN it

he’s got to go around setting up all these incapables (of understanding love at all) and then he’s alone at the end. and they’d probably all fall in love with him a bit and he knows it and

I mean i haven’t actually ever seen this apart from when i was little one time. I dont remember the story at all – but! Ballet Shoes was one of my favourite movies ever.

i mean you’d be a bit offended too surely – not by her performance – but at how completely misunderstood his character is. i blame directors

basically, i’d imagine that most of his monologues would be furious and telepathic (especially observing the majority of his costars) and he might only actually bother speaking to oberon or something. maybe. and a few one or two words elsewhere

(if you got shakespeare how i get shakespeare i mean)

Also Prince Puck is one of my favourite characters in Final Fantasy ever [ref]


(i know the card guy is called jack but i associate them)

also archetypally – puck is Lucifer

my fav angel

and my boy name would’ve been either puck or jack

Only because Lucifer and Satan etc are names that people have kinda put a lot of negative energy into and even if you wanted to like those names you’d struggle at this point. I mean, I like the spelling of my name but when my mother calls me I die inside – every time

oh this tickled me – “my sister is profoundly retarded” – was literally like listening to how my family thought of me when i was very little cos they couldn’t comprehend why i didn’t want to speak to any of them (they couldnt of imagined it was the consistent abuse or that i was waiting for a hug after that ass rape that they – and millions of other people actually – pretended they didn’t watch) (and enjoy watching) was it because i didn’t cry? did that ruin the show??

I mean Beyonce heard the scream but none of my “family” did apparently. (My brother did try to make me laugh about it but he hit his head – hard – at a party and is also quite autistic) (my mother is probably also autistic) (because how else do i explain any of this quite hilarious, actually, life)

My shadow self wants my sister and her friends to hand write me an apology and mail it to our house. my nice self thinks its less cruel if they drop dead but also she and her friends are all so manipulative (and such fantastic comediennes) that iunno really

no but really my family spent my life thinking i was retarded cos i never bothered speaking to them unless it was to defend my sister when she and my mother were fighting and then she’d go and tell all her friends I was really “evil” and all sorts.

Its funny, my sister started literally showing off about ear phones to me – and then I said “I’m living on £200 pocket money (birthday money) for three months” – I can’t afford to buy myself earphones.

(I went to Denmark for a bit to escape weird stuff and she had to stay at home – disregarding that I’d lived at home with a mother that abused her just as much as she abused me, it’s just that manipulating people for sympathy never worked all that well for me – for many years and when I came back I spent the most part of a year sleeping on the floor of a box room I am a bit too tall for even though I was suffering with parkinsonism from taking medication i shouldn’t of been taking. She found a flat on the internet, and she and my ‘dad’ convinced me (i am not related to her, nor am i related to him – genetically – but you’d do a better job convincing him that i was related to him) that it was ‘ours’ and that I’d get paid rent for it- then that stopped – obviously – and then she eventually managed to find a job. She has enough cash for a gym membership but not enough to pay me my £400 rent)

(I mean if you wanted comedy and a good laugh, and you picked her, good)

I know, I know “GET A JOB”

– I have a disability where I sometimes shit once a month. I may do a good job hiding how much it hurts but it does actually hurt

– I get stalked wherever I go, it’d of been nice if someone once told me ‘oh by the way people do actually know who you are’. The people I attach to also get stalked.

– Ever since I lost my shit about her being gang raped – (and I know it was heard, because even my bank have told me they no longer sponsor football games) – everytime I look for a job that ‘sounds like’ one i’d want – and I am more qualified than her and her friends – none of whom even went to University – it ends up looking like it was written by someone who has been playing football non stop since he was sixteen.

She hasn’t actually thanked me, the people I do things for verrrry rarely do. But it is reeally nice to see her wandering around in new designer dresses.

A tutor of mine, that I was completely in love with, and absolutely not secretly so – once said “I prefer your sister”

SO DID EVERYONE. Apart from my mother, who quite liked to occupy my body to live her life vicariously. Fucking my boyfriends, hanging out with my friends etc – dance classes, acrobatics etc.
When I told doctors about it, they panicked so much that they had me sectioned and force fed medications and sedated and raped at night because a psychic told me that rape is about ‘control’ and they really thought that they could ‘control’ me even though I surpassed literally all of their mental functions

WAS THAT SUPPOSED TO UPSET ME? It says more about you than it does about me, when you choose her. And every single one of my relatives did it – they all picked her. And I pitied her my entire life, she needed that. All I saw in my family was liars though I never quite knew what they were lying about.

There’s this .gif of Oprah that I saw on twitter, performing as a witch, where she is completely full of love and thats the kind of thing I cry about. Or really nice art that is full of energy work etc. I don’t cry cos I’m sad. I know some people do, but I imagine that if I ever really did – it’d come from some very manipulative, performative place in me. And I am actually too selfish to be a performer



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