Evolutionarily Superior, I am

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This is Tintin making a serious joke.

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This is Tintin being entertaining. Tintin doesn’t like strangers to make eye contact with him without permission. Tintin is an I-come-to-you-first kinda dogue. An I’ll pee on your stuff if you fuck Karina over kinda dogue.

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Someone once said to me – that I was projecting onto Tintin. And I disagreed – and have over time proven a telepathic connection with animals is possible. Sorry to humiliate this lady, I’m sure she’s lovely. Misled and naive, but lovely.

Working with mammals begins with self honesty. If you don’t understand people the way a psychiatrist really ought to (and they don’t as a rule, often understand themselves) – you won’t ever understand other mammals. (By the way, if you want to understand the human mentality, begin with the ARTS. Acting is great, not because you can become famous for it – not because it can make you a talented deceiver – but because you are forced to learn to empathise for the sake of honing a skill that I have NEVER not admired.)

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When I was little – I wanted to be a vet. I was OBSESSED with animals.

The first thing I learned, about animals – at the time – was animals don’t like vets. Thats not projection, you can see when an animal is distressed because it somehow ‘knows’ its going to the ‘vets’.

I mean if you’re going to imitate someone, copy them and steal their dreams because you forgot your own or someone told you you couldn’t achieve them – better to copy me than anyone else. But first, learn the other lessons I’ve learned.

I’ve lived more life than most people three or four times my age and simply watching my life doesn’t mean you’ve lived it. Doesn’t mean you empathise. Doesn’t mean you are me.

I was thinking of people superior to you my entire life, so if anyone has to take credit for the things I know – which they’d think was preposterous – it would be the people that I admire.

Like Jane Goodall – amongst many, many admirable women.

When I was a teenager, I was introduced to a snake. I had never held a snake before, but in my early infancy – when I started having weird mediumship experiences – I stared at a jar containing a wild desert snake, a venomous one – contorted in it’s own fluids. What you observe becomes you.
I somehow – instinctively, upon meeting this sad domesticated snake, held it in exactly the way you hold a snake to restrict it’s breathing. It either wanted me to kill it (likely) or I did it so I could be taught that’s how you kill a snake. The man who owned the snake was calm and said that’s dangerous for the snake – and I immediately felt remorse.

Oh god – thinking about it – that snake really wanted to die.

My “father” killed that desert snake in the garden with a gardening tool. It was a cobra and there were kids around, whatever excuse he needs to not feel like a coward or a fool. He is both and he knows I think so, and if he wanted to be ‘friends’, he’d learn to laugh about it and accept it as truth. He’d also have to learn to laugh about the things I’ve learned about Islam and what he got upto, not knowing or imagining I’d find out.

I think of him as a very, very sad excuse of a man – as in no man could want to be my father because all I know is how to emasculate men with the audacity to assume a title like that over anyone. It’s all I know. I have never met a man that deserved to be respected and while I know of many that exist, my way of showing affection or even respect – is familiarity that is synonymous with emasculation. Don’t play the BDSM game with me. He did. Poor guy.

If I were ever to work with animals it would be to prove that I can speak to them. That’s my shadow self. My obvious to everyone self – the kinder self – loves to make friends with animals and finds a great compliment in an animal that chooses to trust and befriend me. I am trustworthy and I am kind.

But my shadow self can speak to animals – it begins with flies.

So if I were to prove I can speak to animals, it would begin with reptiles. A meditative thought journey with Dr Jane Goodall went something like this

“I want a Komodo dragon as a pet” (obviously knowing she’d be offended by that as a wildlife animal conservationist)


“i feel towards them”

The truth is, that even if you’re the kind of sad, cruel person to keep a snake in a plastic container or a box – under one of those strange – constantly on heatlights –

We know NOTHING about reptiles apart from they really like the SUN.

If you want to help do ground breaking research – if you want to prove that you can speak to animals –

Here’s a real dream. Wild Komodo dragons

(I think they quite like CAKE)


I had a meditative thought chat with one – no human can compete with a wild one – and I watched two kangaroos fighting and thought as they clawed each other “they’re not really trying to hurt one another” and “mammals are funny”

much later I thought “why are mammals funny?” (not offended, just amused and also agreeing)

Because mammals show one another pity – and that is a greater cruelty than most kinds to animals that have to kill each other to survive

Here’s what reptiles would learn from the exchange –

That making a ‘human’ laugh makes them attracted to you.

I mean – tell me that – through reading upto this point – you don’t want to befriend a komodo dragon. Just a bit.

Okay well here’s some stuff you didn’t know:

They literally lick GIANT animals (animals much bigger than them – buffalo, crocodiles – you name it – it’s “food”) to a slow and painful death and then eat them.

The communication exchange and the thought exchange that humans never told me about – that humans took advantage of and benefited from financially and otherwise – may well be – to a reptile like a Komodo Dragon (that no one has ever learned to properly love) a “i’d like to develop my hunting abilities so I am required to expend less energy in order to capture prey”

Or even a “I’ll let you pretend I’m a pet if it means I can eat more cake/have my meals brought to me while I sunbathe on cushions – I quite like cushions”

And when you love an animal the way I love, non sexually etc – and it has a choice between eating you or whatever else – (they don’t have the same morality we do) – how do you teach it (the way you’d have to teach a retarded human male not to rape) not to hurt you, not to invade your personal space? You probably have to be a bit abusive. I’d resort to fire, if a reptile I’d befriended and treated the way I treat Tintin – climbed on me – the way Tintin does – a reptile that certainly wouldn’t be allowed to LICK me – I’d have to abuse it to teach it consequences. If I really wanted it in my life. As a “pet”.

But I said this about Tintin – “he’s not a PET – he’s a FRIEND.” And he probably thought I was his ma, well – I hope not. I don’t meet the standards of what I expect from someone you call ma (and mean it). But nor do most “parents” I’ve met – the kind of people to ‘train’ dogs.

Anyway, so knowing what I now know – humans aren’t very relevant. You’re somewhat kinda pesty. Most of you like flies. Imagine if I had no energy throughout my life because at some point – all it takes is a second – I’d made eye contact with a load of BIG lizards that I loved the way angels love – that learned to use me for energy because humans had taught it to. And then I said to that lizard, that I continued to love unconditionally – “please don’t use me anymore – there are other humans that I would prefer you use – and I know that you can” (I’d only have to vibrationally picture them for it to begin and then “forget” about it – you know how it goes)

I (lets use the word pretend if that makes you feel better) visualised a pretty scary moment a second ago – a Komodo dragon walking onto me – and I felt physical pressure on my body for a moment – and it was genuinely frightening.

I got a lighter and held it in the air (I’m in the dark – you know when you’re in the dark and you don’t have a lamp beside you?) and the flame danced a little bit as if it removed energy. It’s not fighting fair, to claim yourself an equal to an animal that is superior to you physically in the absence of weapons to defend yourself with – but when you feel fear and you value your life, you do what you have to. To survive.

I thought to HH, “it’s okay that I did that, it came from a place of love” and HH replied “I don’t think anyone has ever threatened a reptile with a flame out of love before”

And I think – imagine my Komodo Dragon “friends” – treating my rapists and my enemies the way they treated me. Their being sent away, their coming back – their telling me that it was a test of ‘unconditional love’ when I had never claimed to love them unconditionally at all.

If I am sent away – I do not come back. I might think about it – but this experience tells me I’d rather not.  There are people that think it is okay to use others as an energy resource – I’d think to these animals – please can you use them instead? You see – reptiles are particular about energy. That’s the nature of their relationship with the sun.

I realised today, that the side of my tongue that enjoys confection (sugar) is the left. The right side of my tongue finds sweet foods pretty sour. I have dyspraxia and a doctor once told me my brain doesn’t know where my legs are situated on my body – so it’s possible that my left/right sides are completely confused.

Anyway – to think you (any you of my age certainly) and I could ever have compared is foolishness on your end. And maybe thats how the Komodo dragon and I connect, I’ve always said “you still wouldn’t know me” – and perhaps the Komodo Dragon connection I have is I would have finally made a match in a creature I still wouldn’t know, no matter how much it allowed me to think I did.

Maybe don’t think about your children copying you – if you think you can keep secrets from them forever, about who you really are. Think about something physically bigger and scarier than you (and it’s friends – they are comfortably a herd animal) copying you – treating you how you’ve treated the vulnerable.

Coming to you in your sleep and doing to you the worst thing imaginable. And then making this face

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 02.57.03

or this face

Screen Shot 2018-12-14 at 02.57.24

when you perhaps realised what was going on – and didn’t like it – and were told you were very boring or frigid or whatever words it is that men like to use when they get rejected by someone they believe should want to have sex with them

(If you are human – I’d rather be in a sexual relationship with a Komodo Dragon than with you. And I mean it, I really do)

You might think it impossible for a Komodo Dragon – an animal alike to the spider, that spends all it’s time in meditation – to astrally project and/or use humans as an energy resource. Well I’ve proven a lot of things considered impossible to be very-possible.

I also made an agreement with one mentally, as to which animals I felt were off bounds as far as meal times were concerned. I didn’t mention humans on that list, at all. If you think that a Komodo Dragon might’ve taken a liking to you, good

I’m the only person I know of that can communicate with them/appreciate them in a way that they have never been appreciated before (it is a gift of mine, any human I foolishly or otherwise might’ve taken a liking to will confirm) and I think they value that aspect of me more than any human ever has

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