Do you know how I got my fat ass? Not from exercising. My family will tell you I only ever went to ‘five or so’ ballet classes but thats what they genuinely remember – certainly not what my teachers remembered. But none of the classes I did made for the kind of strength you need to have a “Kardashian” ass. You all know I didn’t pay for it with cash, either. It’s not GENETIC EITHER.

I got it from squatting like this – including when I was in public – and I’d get those painful convulsions you get when you’re gestating one of those huuuuge shits. Or when you’re being sexualised by someone. Farts aren’t real by the way. You don’t need to do it. It’s the kind of thing that happens when you’re ‘sharing energy’ with someone you aren’t attracted to. If you’re a locker room kinda guy – like the naked men that competed in the olympics way back when – you’ll know what I mean. The weird stuff that happens when you’re being watched while you shower or undress.

It’s a ‘predator’ versus ‘prey’ thing. We evolved to be able to ‘know’ when someone is watching us. You get ass pain when you have a hidden audience. Kind of like that saying, when your ears ‘burn’ because someone’s talking about you. And I developed that pretty well, my family could speak more languages than I could and I knew when I was being discussed – but they lied a lot.

I’ve never had any reason to trust anyone so when it comes to making friends or family, I’m screwed either way. All I know is liars. But also – when I’m not feeling nice or pity or loving – that’s not all that much of an issue.

Screen Shot 2018-12-09 at 11.03.43

3 Questions

1 who are you

hi, I’m Karina

2 what do you want


3 when do you want it

fucking now

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