I woke up naked. Unusual. I really like sleeping in stuff, since forever. I’m not a naked sleeper. And it’s quite uncommon for me to deviate from my usual behaviours. Oh, It must be this turning twenty nine business… me doing the same thing for my entire life (being lazy and talentless) and then suddenly not doing it anymore.

So weird, so – yesterday I was in the shower and I thought a person’s name – afew minutes later they burst through my mother’s door. Apparently she skipped one of those ‘christmas work parties’ so she could fetch me a cake for my birthday. So kind of her to do that. She didn’t wish me a happy birthday so I wonder what ulterior motives therein lie

At least I’ll have something to eat by myself in lieu of birthday celebrations, because I do not have friends. I do not want friends. I have had enough of the word ‘family’ too.


Regarding me falling asleep naked – and completely sober – if you know, you know. If you don’t know – you’re going to know.


I have no secrets – I have literally no secrets. I do not tell lies either – if you want the truth you can trust me to tell you it but not if you’re too stupid to cope with it.

I am one of the most watched people in the World and through no choice of my own. I mean I have no issue with being watched but I demand cash for that kind of invasion of my privacy. I’m still waiting on it.

Actually I’m in tremendous pain around about my left ovary, where that NHS Doctor Sloper touched me up when I had a cold, and I never recovered. As a child I literally said “SHES A PERVERT!” – my mother’s response was to send me to the doctor. Insanity.

Completely and quite utterly unrelated:

I changed the layout of my teaching tumblr so you can READ what I write beside my posts. I am not going to write the name for my alterego here, in case a child decides to google it.

If you have STOLEN children (I don’t mean physically kidnapping them either) and they are looking for me – and they do do that – kids always return to their real parents.

Please tell them that unless they chose the kind of parents who appreciate the ARTS – that is can discuss the arts the way I would expect cultured people to be able to – they absolutely should not be reading this blog, unless they are the kind of child to dialogue with ‘their parents’ about the things they see on the internet – and you can explain to them that I use photoshop to edit the light/colours I edit my photographs with. I certainly don’t look like this all the time and I don’t want them to think that I think that THEY should either. And it repulses me to think I ought to say it at all – but I do not want children sexualising the human body. LOOK at the human body – sure – OBSERVE it – appreciate that skin is an ORGAN and that hair is an ORGAN – but do not sexualise either.

Sexualising the human body is something people do when they want BABIES. It is NOT a form of RECREATION. Sex is NOT a means of expressing LOVE.

If you have children, please inform them that they are more than welcome to read THIS blog. If you are running stuff for google, please keep your search engines from associating this blog and that blog.

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