GOD’S (please – don’t – consider yourself God) sin is JEALOUSY


Lucifer’s sin is lust. Angel lust is very different to human lust.

It’s all “LOVE”

It’s every kind of “LOVE” at once. At first sight.

I’ve “imprinted” on about… ten people over the last few months.

You overcome these faults with HONESTY and then laughter.

I’d be an awful parent, you’re right. So it’s weird how you’ve all been stealing kids from me – and that they run right back to me somehow.

But I’ll take them off your hands if you publicly tell the truth about what has been done. And they will not be raised how YOU think they should be raised. They will be raised how I think they should be raised. Sorry for the damage to your egos. In advance.

I would, if necessary, select better parents than myself. That is – first – my TEACHERS will select who THEY feel they could adopt. And some of these kids seem to be so damaged that I wouldn’t risk leaving them with my teachers – some kids are the kind of kids who deserve a guiltless kick or two etc. I’m not trying to coerce your kids, there’s no lie here – if you piss me off I’ll piss you off more. If you abuse me, I’ll abuse you more. If you try to manipulate me into giving you money because I smacked you as a baby – I’ll ask you “how did you find out? how did your parents know?”

“why didn’t your parents smack me?” “why didn’t your parents tell my mother what I’d done?”

If you really cared about what had been done to you, me cutting and burning myself 40x times and being put in a psychiatric ward where I was throatfucked by a big black man would surely be punishment enough? Being put on a medication that gave me parkinsonism?

I mean how on Earth do you punish someone that has been a victim of a pedophillic sexual slavery ring that also taught kids around the World how to use the toilet/defend themselves/do art/meditate?

Well first you stop being jealous because you’re not God and you can’t justify it

Then you admit you WATCHED and you LIKED it.

And beg me to forgive you. But first … give me everything you stole from me. It’s not a request, it’s a demand – and Lucifer isn’t the mean one. GOD is.

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