Especially if you believe in the Illuminati.

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Thinking of PABLO PICASSO, a master with whom no one I’ve ever met could compare – I’m making a gift for someone. That is sharing energy with the masters.


(Doesn’t the singer look like one of Cate Blanchett’s run away kids?)
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Speaking of which, writing of which

These are my kinda ladies.

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Now. Here’s a lesson that your parents don’t teach you.

You know when you stupidly speak to strangers? Even – and especially – people like the ‘police’ or ‘firemen’ or – most doctors – who are hired because they can’t do anything well – other than what they’ve been taught – more often than not, repeating cycles of abuse

Queens and princesses have a lot to learn from the sex industry.

You do not touch, you do not make eye contact with and you do not even acknowledge people who are beneath you. And if you work in the sex industry… there is no one beneath you. We are the dregs of society. So you do not initiate conversation with people who are either beneath or above you.

Now – if you are a healer – Like Lady Diana – looking people in the eyes, touching them – is a sacrifice. You take all their fears, their pains, their ILLNESSES into your body by connecting with and loving people. Jesus Christ did it. A woman once touched Jesus’ clothing – not his body – his clothing. He stopped, and turned, and said “WHO TOUCHED ME?” Because he felt his energy leave his body. In a CHRISTIAN country like England, there are few people better than Jesus to emulate. But Jesus was a man. So if you want to emulate a great woman, emulate the one that was his closest friend. Mary Magdalene.

And don’t you EVER forget it, that as Christian as this country may be – Jesus was a JEW. His teachers and his PARENTS were JEWS.

No matter how well you draw, or do anything – if you don’t return to the masters… Jesus, Judas and Mary were spiritual masters – but Pablo Picasso was an ART master. You can pick a form of work but first you have to learn the basics of how existing on a physical plane truly works. You will not learn that from someone that identifies as only male or only female and you will not learn that at schools – yet.

Do you know why HOGWARTS doesn’t exist? It is because people are still too irresponsible and unevolved spiritually and otherwise to be entrusted with gifts that we call ‘magic’. If you cannot find a set of rules to stick by, or to justify not sticking by, you have no principles – and no guardian angel, god or spirit will want to be accountable or responsible for watching over you.

If you are with a spiritual healer – they are under instruction from higher beings. They are TOLD what to do, and they must do it. But healers are people who are connected to beings with a higher judgement. If you cannot be true to the rules of a faith in the absence of a spirit guide, you cannot be sent out to do healing work.

Begin with taking care of your own body, mind and spirit.


Last night I went out after doing a little bit of art. Just a scribble, as inspiration took me. Here is the scribble.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 12.39.28.png

When I went to the petrol station, I saw a big dog. I know how to handle animals – but most people don’t. That means I am not scared of a bite from a BIG dog.

But don’t make any mistakes – the first stage of handling animals is respecting that they CAN do damage. Whether they are very small – like a fire ant – or very big, like a staff dog. This is how you should treat ALL strangers. Like animals that can do damage. A healer like Lady Diana is not afraid of damage, that comes with the job.

What kind of damage can an animal do? Well – a human – even a very ‘nice’ one (remember, some people PRETEND to be nice, especially in countries where people are taught ‘manners’ before they are taught ‘HONESTY’.)

But if you start talking to strangers, say, when you’re making a fantastic piece of art – and they’re not also artists who are as talented as you are – no matter WHO you are – you end up coming home to do a drawing like this.

Screen Shot 2018-12-06 at 12.00.35.png

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