“you sound crazy”

I was lucky – because my family run the World. And we have for many, many generations. Whether you like it or not.
As a society – your collective judgement regarding who is worthy of trust is poor.

If you want to know what the right thing to do here is – to stop black people especially – from being targeted, abused and sold by the police – you’ll quite openly say that you support my family in being given their rightful place in Israel. You’ll support the One World Order – and you can google all the Einstein quotes you like, that is the only means of running the World that will ever work. If you want “police” – people who are licensed to walk around with GUNS – then you also need “templars” – people who have studied religion in such depth and with such sincerity that they’d be prepared to answer to God for committing sins like ‘murder’. People that really mean it, I mean. The kind of people who could tell you every terrible thing that they had ever done with complete honesty. No police man could do that – because they are controlled by blackmail. Even if you get a ‘nice cop’ – theres no way they’re going to betray the police force they represent because they know they’d be caught. They’d spend years of their lives living in fear. The Police are made up of levels of vulnerable people who had their power taken from them in childhood and who were controlled with such profound levels of terrible insecurity or poverty, that joining the police force became something of a ‘IM TAKING MY POWER BACK’ decision. That isn’t how things work. Working for the police force becomes a much worse version of your shitty childhood.

You might not believe it cos’ I live in a shithole, but if I were to meet the “queen of england” – technically if she had “good manners” she would actually have to bow to me. We are kept poor here, but there are worse things. I’m so grateful that I’ve learned about poverty and that I’ve also had the chance to be educated by some of the greatest minds that exist on this Planet.

Would you believe me if I told you that the HEAD of the ILLUMINATI – my Spiritual teacher – lives in a humble flat in London? Her husband wouldn’t want me to visit his home because he is protective of his family and I respect that – my mother was kept stupid because my family didn’t want her to know who she is but technically we’re royalty. You can go ahead and give the Israeli embassy a ring, or call the Paraguayan Embassy and ask them to confirm. It makes no difference.
But let me make this clear – she is the head because I CHOSE HER.

Until my family is ASKED to take their place by a Planet that accepts we are the only ones that can fix this mess – and I don’t mean my “sister” who still doesn’t know that every designer garment she owns was paid for by our “father” who was selling me – I mean myself or my brother, or my aunt and uncle – people who believe that communism has to be reevaluated and also enforced by a planetary “government” made up of people who don’t WANT to run the world – things will not get better.

You’ll know which story triggered this nag-a-thon.

When I was about five, we ran from Dubai because my brother had been targeted by the secret police. A psychiatrist said to my mother “geography isn’t the problem, you take your problems with you wherever you go”

And to any spiritual teacher, the concept is “karma”. As in your story remains the same and if something has happened once it’s happened plenty of times.

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If you want to know how the World really works… it’s the big mouths like me you ought to trust. Not people who want something from you. Start there.

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