The image above depicts a character called Soraka from a game called 
League of Legends. It is a F2P game, which means it is free to play. 
It is a very competitive game. This character is a healer. 
People who choose to play this character are mistreated and 
undervalued, and it is because their teammates don't value how 
exactly how much 'healers' contribute to a game. They are able to
observe the field and they are able to manoeuvre between lanes to
help other teammates in emergency situations. 

As a person who is more interested in strategy, and I have many,
if you were to have a war - and your army was made up exclusively 
of people who were on the 'offensive', and had nobody to replenish 
their health - or to otherwise sacrifice themselves so that their
teammates could do things that their characters were built to do
(sometimes you need that little bit of extra health to get that
pentakill, to unleash the ultralord minions etc) for all sorts of
reasons that'd be a short term success plan. Because if you keep
winning, you don't grow. And then when people who have lost every
game imaginable - again and again and again - have had a chance to 
observe - they become unbeatable. And those are the kinds of people
that are later considered cruel by the people that bullied them in
the first place.

This character serves, at worst - as a distraction. An easy kill. 
Someone who is playing for kills will pursue this character because 
she is easy to kill - for many reasons - but most of all: she has 
been coded to not-run-fast. Which is strange, as goats are supposedly
able to jump on landscapes that are almost completely vertical and
able to escape situations that are almost impossible to escape.
That is why farmers hate them so much. 

Imagine playing this character - a target for the opposing team to
level up fast by pursuing - and a target for their own team to also
abuse. I empathised with this character the second I saw her.

Edited 7 January 2019

Edited: 21 DECEMBER 2018


When I saw this image I got one of those chills. Imagine a piece of art giving you a physiological chill. The people doing art for this game are spiritual masters. These characters are real spirit-forms. I know I sound stupid. Trust me or don’t.

These characters deserve better than a game where people are constantly fighting each other. Have an option for a narrative. The potential for virtual reality in League of Legends is the only kind of future for a game that is fucking the Planet up. I mean it.

The people drawn to this game are spiritual masters that can’t cope with life. These games affect people’s lives.

I once said “it’s only a game” and I’m really, for really real not sure it was me that said it. I was being bullied and my team were on their own base, fighting a battle they knew they were going to lose. Me – as Ashe – and the ‘bots’  ended up winning the game alone. It was a huge humiliation for the people I was playing with because I think I had the worst collection of items EVER. I have no fucking idea what the impact of this might be on the butterfly effect – but whoever said ‘it’s only a game’ WAS WRONG. REALLY WRONG.

Otherwise: [edit over]

please delete soraka from league of legends, you don’t deserve healers you don’t understand

[edit continued: 21 DECEMBER 2018]

anyone who plays soraka is bullied the fuck out of, treated like shit. Imagine a being somewhere that that character was based on, occupying people playing


One time I was watching Faker play League of Legends and I said “GO B.” as in – Go to base. Or you’ll die. He didn’t listen – he’s a pro gamer, ofcourse he didn’t listen. I was channelling my guides who were trying to teach that they’re REAL. It wasn’t a big deal, I’m sure they still won the game – but the point is – learn to listen to people who are only trying to guide you.

I’m motivated by nothing you have, and if you have something I want I will make no secret of whatever it is that you have, that I might want. Just learn to listen to advice, if it helps: I’m often only passing on a message.

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