First you need to have the right music for the ladies. This is a good song. It’s slow, so you need to adjust the settings. I’d suggest putting it on a loop.

Now – if it’s just a fuck you need to treat one another like a fuck. Feelings are for fucks because there can be no heartbreak when it’s just a fuck.

It begins with good conversation. So I’d say

“I’ve said this to mercenaries and I’ll say it to you too – I like it fast. I come fast. and when I’m done – and you’ll know I’m done – that means you’re done too – whether you’re done or not.”

He’d reply… “can’t tell you how I know this without you getting pissy at me – but actually we’re great at coming at the same time”

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 15.29.35.png

I’d stand with my back to one of my babysitter’s boyfriends who is only into girls who can take pain. I have had enough pain, I don’t like pain. I like gentle guys.

Screen Shot 2018-12-01 at 15.28.01

[image ref: Samppa Von Cyborg and a version of Bobby.. also the only man I’d cast for Ekko]

Ekko, for reference – no sound – to pendulum

I have a handfetish so you’ll need to look at the original – just stare at his eyes and his hand and you’ll know why I’m into him. He’s spent some time around ballerinas.

Enjoy your visuals but enjoy the FEELINGS because they’re there.

If I directed porn, that’d be the end of the industry as you know it. Case in point

Screen Shot 2018-11-20 at 20.27.11.png

But I’m Bobby Acworth’s, I’d say, so don’t get attached and I’m only doing it to make him jealous, I’m not gonna lie to you

“you couldn’t if you tried” he’d reply

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