(I want to say – the first time I watched this one evening, I copied this little boy’s dance moves. He taught me some dance moves.)

my teacher Lisa told me she calls her ‘nephew’ (her son) “the love of her life”

I watched a three year old boy dancing in front of an insane crowd of people – and you could tell the judges were absolutely in love with him. infront of everyone they held him, kissed his face and ‘flirted’ with him – making light hearted jokes. Do you know – when you watch something – some kind of interaction between two people – you can sense when there is something ‘unusual’ about the interaction. There was nothing uncomfortable in seeing these people touch one another.

This is not how I feel when I watch footballers who parade children – and certainly not THEIR children – on fields – they’ll touch the little boys and hold their shoulders because – come on, there’s no way they’re gay – but they now avoid touching the girls. And truth be told they should – girls are awful. Put a little boy next to a little girl – same weight class, same age – the girl will destroy the boy if he pisses her off enough.

But what these girls taught those men is ‘DONT TOUCH ME – YOU’LL LOOK LIKE A PERVERT” – in front of everyone. Those poor little boys being used to show football audiences – (often the very scariest kinds of proles IT TAKES ONE TO KNOW ONE AND DON’T YOU DARE FUCKING FORGET IT WHEN YOU SWITCH SIDES – AND YOU REALLY FUCKING WILL – who will realise soon enough that they’re being USED by footballers – that they’re ENERGY SLAVES -) that these footballers ‘aren’t pedophiles’.

I’m not here to judge pedophiles, actually if you can fall in love with ANYONE you’re closer to God than most “Gods”. But what part of your body do you experience love with? Is it your GENITALS? THAT IS NOT LOVE.

I’m selective. I can’t have a good conversation with a child. My issue is that I usually pity them. The stupid child that just bumps into me when I’m shopping and hasn’t learned to apologise for it. The sad kind of child on a train that won’t stand the fuck up and let a woman take his seat.

I couldn’t pity a chihuahua who saw me closing a door and decided to go on and stick his head in between the door and the frame – even if he was being mindcontrolled (and it is possible) I can’t just enable that kind of stupidity by pitying him. You walked into a situation that could hurt you and you expect ME to be responsible? You are beneath me – physically – we are not even at eye level – I’m not going to be able to protect you when you’re so far below where my head is. I can carry you upto my level if you need me to and you can learn everything from where I hold my gaze but don’t think you can imitate me when you’re on your own. Don’t think it, don’t imagine it, don’t pretend

I can’t TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for an animal that does something so fucking reckless. Where is your sense of primitive instinct? I’d ask that chihuahua (not Tintin, obviously) “if you can’t protect YOURSELF who the fuck else can you protect?” That is why Tintin is the alpha. He doesn’t need to be loved to protect the other dogs or anyone else that he considers family – he does it on instinct. That ‘reptile’ part of the brain. You try mind controlling a reptile. (you’ll find that you’ll pay for it later – especially if you’re a ‘time traveller’ that exists in the past/present/future states of ‘time’ in a physical plane occupied by beings that genuinely think they’re the most intelligent life form going.

I can – and have – commanded flies to get the fuck out of my room. I’m a messy person and if I leave enough plates in my room in the right area, there will be a collection of flies in that room. But I can say “GET OUT” and they will get.the.fuck.out if I use the right voice.

Of course there must be bravery, confidence and real strength for a child to dance like that in front of so many observers but also that creates a man with the most insane kind of confidence. Admirable – for sure – but also “dangerous”

And later – the realisation of his ability to have millions of people fall in love with him without having to touch them, without having to speak to them, without having to really even see or meet them. And that kind of magnetism that is so sweet and uplifting and magnificent and inspiring in an infant – can create a man who abuses women. He doesn’t need to be complimented, he needs to be treated like an equal.

I’d have that baby babysat by this guy. Have that baby ask him why he’s not married yet. Have that baby ask him “why do you dance?”

I used my ‘fourth eye’ to look at him – something I learned from the Baphomet

I saw that the etheric body to his left stood taller than his right and I commented ‘he needs to learn balance’.

Esther Hicks teaches about ‘contrast’ – that to grow we need opposition. A true equal that forces us to grow somehow. She and Abraham Hicks call it ‘contrast’. I do not like that Abraham belittles Esther, because she could say to Abraham “ABRAHAM IF YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL AT MANIFESTATION – WHERE THE HELL IS YOUR PHYSICAL BODY? WHY DO I HAVE TO TEACH FOR YOU? WHY AM I PROTECTING YOU? WHO AM I PROTECTING YOU FROM”

Abraham would say “heeheehee… my teachers”

“they very mean”


Lucifer asks through the body of one of Esther Hick’s students “Why did you choose to guide someone so frightened of Lucifer, Abraham?”

and Abraham knowing exactly who is sitting and speaking through that body whispers “… i stealy some informationses and me must run now”

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