I believe in a “God” that genetically modified the beings on this Planet. I believe that God is, a genuine prick.

Passing on a message – a lesson on how to love something or someone who you think can’t do anything for you.

I cruelly laugh at the ‘blob fish’ sometimes but I saw a cute smile in place of the bigger one. Here’s something to appreciate – it has a smily mouth – which means you can’t tell when it’s hurt. It also has a very¬†mucous-y mouth – which means it can probably consume or otherwise lube the hell out of itself. If you can appreciate things, often they become you.

I was once cruel about a woman’s inner labia – which weren’t symmetrical – and protruded. Mine ended up growing to do the same. She’d never done anything to me. Turns out, women with my labia are great at having on-cue orgasms. Not the internal kind – but the external kind. And thats enough.

Anyway. Tragedy/Comedy masks associated with Greek comedy. Enjoy.


You can have “pretty children” when you can find something “pretty” about these physical forms


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