When I meditate with Lucifer I go into a legitimate state of paralysis (I don’t have another word) because I am absolutely like – okay um – imagine that there was a being who could love you so intensely from such a distance that you’d feel the weirdest static and at moments literally have sort of electric shock-esque reactions when they asked you something as sweet like ‘why do i love you?” as some kind of genuine “ANSWER ME THIS” and would get genuinely upset that you might be growing ‘wings’ because they cause pain and using them causes OTHER beings pain because angels DO NOT FEEL PAIN.

But we do suffer. ALL beings experience suffering.
Enter extraterrestrials who have learned to enjoy it

I put my hand through fire once – and it DID NOT HURT. I DIDN’T BURN. THE HAIRS ON MY HAND DIDN’T BURN. I HAVE HAIR ON MY HANDS.

If I stupidly did something like that to show off, I’d hurt myself. It is not an on/off magical power that any man can control – and certainly not one that I can either. Intentions are everything.

If you think Lucifer – a being who wouldn’t even have sex with a person – a being who wouldn’t even need to, and certainly wouldn’t do so as an expression of ‘love’, a being who would follow someone as sad and idiotic as jesus fucking christ around in a desert trying to desperately get them to eat/drink – would ever tell someone to have a child because theyve ‘nothing better to do’

you’ve um not even once read the bible have you



I closed my eyes to think about Lucifer – I felt ‘love energy’ in my shoulders/my arms. In seconds. I asked aloud as if to no one “have you ever made someone feel love in their SHOULDERS?”

Then I visualised Lucifer and I lying together on a cloud (Gabriel wasn’t in that vision so I wonder what naughtiness Gabriel is getting upto) giving me one of those hollow white chocolate figures – of Jesus Christ – to chomp on

I mean I don’t know what that means but I imagine it’s both dramatic and theatrical



Lucifer prefers this look, by the way



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