I spent months in denmark visualising myself with wings
while listening to art of manifestation

(I was motivated to write a graphic novel as a love letter from Lucifer to God about the nature of my understanding of Twin Flames and soulmates.)

my back isnt the same as it used to be

and i am concerned i was manifesting wings

or that my guide HH – an extraterrestrial – was time travelling to have me manifest wings


Lucifer and Gabriel like this song for me

Lucifer asked me a question I can’t answer

“why do I love you?”

I don’t know

and I thought “is this someone else pretending?

And Lucifer said “they don’t love like angels do”

I can’t explain the paralysis I experience with the love energy that I feel from Lucifer. It’s this fucked up love chill – and its not fucked up at all – but it’s fantastic and paralysing. No one else matters really and I have got a crush and I really like someone.

Theres no sexual energy when Lucifer takes over. It’s this heart thing and it’s SO INTENSE and I CANT MOVE


I do not want wings


I changed my mind, I do. I want them. Gimme.

This is a song by Maynard James Keenan, + the little wizards in
>> TOOL << You should take a snoop around the site, there are 
incredible artists in that band who do stuff other than just make

Maynard wrote the lyrics as a eulogy, for his mother: who

spent 10,000 days suffering with cancer. She was a devout Christian
woman and I think it affected him tremendously that she could have
suffered and died so horrendously. I think her name was Judith
Marie. RIP.

The song was uploaded by a Youtube user called @EnragedSephiroth
>> TOOL << are touring the United Kingdom in June. 

They're playing at Download festival. >> TOOL << must still be doing 
those hallucinogenics if they think I'm going. 
But you can buy tickets here.
Further more, Maynard and other wizards from >> TOOL << have another 
band called >> A PERFECT CIRCLE. << 

They've an album called eMOTIVe which has a song on it called 
GIMME GIMME GIMME uploaded by someone with a dickhead youtube handle.
and the album is dedicated to Maynard's sentiments regarding his time
of learning in the military - one of his pre Green Jello? endeavours.
They also covered Imagine, by John Lennon. 
It is a superior version of the song - I'm not going to lie.

You might not be into this kind of music and that is quite alright, 
but Maynard was good friends with David Bowie and wrote lyrics for 
him and everything. You aren't cooler than David Bowie - but Maynard
probably thinks he is. 

I admire that obnoxiousness in anyone. From a distance.

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