Grigorio Rasputin – he could ‘heal horses by simply touching them’

A really beautifully narrated documentary I’m listening to while I edit some photos. I have neglected my blog because i’ve been obsessing. You have to be a little obsessive to begin making good art years down the line – I made fun of Arnulf Rainer because some of his photography had apparently taken many years to create but I think that actually… any single good piece of art probably takes years upon years upon years – to think/feel/imagine about.

My graphic novel for example – has completely changed. The story hasn’t – but how I understand the characters has changed – who I understand the characters as being has changed.

I hope that what I’m listening to is real. I know that people have stalkers who change things on the internet – who make creative edits to information that we really really need – more than ever – but that is really sad to me. It’s romantic maybe but also it’s actually sad because we deserve access to this information. There are poor kids who can’t go to school and who use the internet in lieu of going to the library. I don’t like the idea of going to a library and picking books that have been selected for me.

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