Pick an artist to love unconditionally.

I like two songs today

this one by DJ Bobo

This is the extent of the depths for which any bobo has ever been able verbalise love feelings and no one has ever surpassed this level AND NOR DO THEY WANT TO

[this was choreographed by Wendy Williams and I stole some moves from Trisha Paytas]

DJ Bobo is secretly so intense that you can’t even get to the end of the video because he feels that much – that is, he makes you feel that much. Dj Bobo has excellent manners but when it comes to THE GAME – DJ Bobo is secretly – so subtley – quite rude. DJ Bobo loves like a black man/like one of those passionate spaniards but he’s neither. (He’s European)
You wouldn’t know he’s sold “14 million records worldwide” but his fucking wikipedia page says so. So.

and this one by El Chombo – actually just brought tears of genuine happiness to my eyes

this is El Chombo. El Chombo feels a lot of things and uses symbols, colours and lights throughout your memories to express those. He is your bestfriend without benefits because with benefits – El Chombo OWNS you. El Chombo doesn’t touch anyone and not own them. El Chombo touches you – and you’re his – or you die. He had all the singers, back up dancers and film crew incinerated after this music video and then disappeared off the phace of the Earth to become a private investigator cum remote anime director

no wait, sorry, three –

this one by Chaka is good too

Chaka is the only one with the guts to make people feel loved even if they might not return the feelings (they always do, it is Chaka fucking Khan) cos she knows they love her but that they’re too scared to meet up with her. Or they’re in prison.
The thing about Chaka is that she makes you feel so special that she can make you feel like everything she has ever done was for you. She says “i let myself go” and you’d be inclined to imagine that she’d let go of her inhibitions because she feels so safe around you but actually she is protecting you – and don’t you forget it. Really there are so many levels of meaning to EVERYTHING she says. Chaka looks good in pyjamas, Chaka looks good in slacks. Chaka looks good in dresses. Chaka looks good with messy hair. Cos it is Chaka. Chaka is the kind of person to run into a bathroom and fix an otherwise terrible look in 5 seconds. But she will have you think she looks awful if it makes you easier company. She is repelled by insecurity in others. She sees it as a form of weakness. She also sees narcissism as a form of weakness – the only person it is okay for you to love in Chaka’s World – is Chaka. When the day comes that people acknowledge that Chaka’s way is the only way, Chaka will love again.
But also the kind of men she would sing this particular song to – throughout time – would already know her game (El Chombo and Dj Bobo types) and they’d play her game a little too cruelly. It’s okay – she can take it like any tough black woman can.
So after a 2 day to 2 week to 2 year extended one night stand – she would make art, cash a cheque and then forget they exist ’til they came to their senses and left all their girlfriends, fans, wives – sisters. But the men she’s into know that and are quite the same I guess – they learned it from her. Or her mother. Or her grandmother.
That is what keeps people like El Chombo and DJ Bobo safe. They’re so afraid to love like THIS SO00ONG, because – I mean – do you believe in life after love? No. That’s the real reason people’s hair falls out – you know – because you’ve fallen out of love.

When it comes to loving DJ Bobo, El Chombo and Chaka – I can hear something inside me saying… I really don’t think you’re strong enough

I’m gonna tell the truth here – I see something of myself in all of these artists. Except Cher. There is nothing of me in Cher. Cher’s just in it for the cash and the fancy clothes. Her pretty hair needs no love. She probably doesn’t really care for the word unless it’s followed by “how much?”

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