Movies are my life.

So I’d say.. play the song but don’t watch the video, watch the second video. Then watch the video for the song again – muted – with the sound for the second video playing.

Men like to pit women against each other, after teaching them that their appearances are the extent of their value as people. Child-me would’ve engaged with that to a point perhaps but she was never competing with her sister – she was competing with her brother ten years her senior and his friends who would take it in turns to bully her.

My sister is the pretty one that got given everything she wanted. I am the one that  climbed ladders at seven to change the lightbulbs and connect the cables to the TV when my brother had left his games console plugged in and my sister wanted to watch Jerry Springer or the Bold and the Beautiful or something

When I visited my Grandmother’s home in Paraguay I rudely asked her to give me her kiln and ceramics to paint, in her will. She promised that she would. I didn’t know it wasn’t polite to ask to be mentioned in a will but I do know that she did put me down – I still haven’t been sent my stuff. I used to sneak into her ensuite bathroom at night when she was asleep (jet lag..) so that I could pretend-play to be a banker. I’d stamp all of her receipts and tick them with a little ballpoint pen. I’d also watch

Sakura Card Captor – a show airing at 3AM in Paraguay in English. By some coincidence.

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