“cover everything BUT their eyes mang” “grow a beard she likes those” IS IT A LIE THOUGH “shes into sweat. she likes the pheramones” “youd need like 20 lip injections” “you’re BEAUTIFUL AS YOU ARE OKAY” gabrielisms Do not call angels that do not like drugs and steal peoples partners – if you dont want them to mess around with you back. if your intentions are bad, gabriel will think its funny and join in and regret it later and time travel to when you were high to embarrass you infront of your entire culture years down the line. “MOHAMMED IS A PEDO@@@@” “yes technically so is god” “THEY ARE SEXUALISING OUR SEXY ARAB WOMEN” “oh, cover them up then.” “THEY ARE MENSTRUATING WHEN I WANT TO HAVE SEX WITH THEM@@” “right, put them in a hole in the ground. it’ll sort that out”

I use the top bit of my web browser to write film scripts for religious comedies while i study for my alevel in law

Lucifer would go one step further, and have a woman in a burqa stand beside a woman in nothing but pure black sunglasses – and Mohammed would be able to draw the inside of the woman in the burqa’s body.. not not the naked woman’s. Eyes are the window to the self and if things work in levels it begins in physical and transcends into pure energy

Lucifer is theatre, Gabriel is irony and comedy

The reason that Lucifer was the head of the angels, was that Lucifer could do all of their jobs. They were very specifically inclined aspects of Lucifer’s personality. Humans were meant to be a reflection of specifically inclined aspects of God’s personality.

The book of genesis wasn’t about bowing or slavery or anything such the like. It was that Lucifer realised that God hadn’t been paying for some services that Lucifer was unaware of at points of their growth as yin and yang beings throughout every Universe

Not paying for energy expended on your behalf, is wrong. I mean karmically it makes no sense. Where are angels getting their energy from?


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