I meditate about past lives and I get funny stuff to write about it

it’s putting words to thoughts and vibrations – i mean if you want inspiration, look into the details not the bigger picture

how do you create your own archetypes? look at the minutiae of your life. so if I were writing a terrible stereotype – I’d pick the sound vibrations I associate with what makes up that person’s physical identity.

Screen Shot 2018-11-06 at 15.11.03.png

These are, to me, german sounding women’s names. Those are the sounds I associate with german women – in a characterised and rather funny world. If you wanted comedy and picked Gabriel – that was wrong. And my way of teaching you that was waiting for a time period where you could read the things that Gabriel was documented saying and evaluate them once we had lived the aftermath of “eve eating the apple”.
Yes it is racist – move on from that, the thing that kept racism alive is that the jokes were funny and we had to seek ‘peculiar’ in other cultures to learn that – allow those stereotypes to become ARCHETYPES of ALL. Comedy stops being about tragedy when you pursue a life in a world where there is none. It begins with not fighting at home. What is funny when you lose interest in the humour you find in something like shadenfreud?

If you wanted comedy and picked me – religious education becomes pure comedy when you transfer those angels into the characters that build the pantheon of all your favourite stories – games/film etc.

Shakespeare supposedly had three archetypes, for men, and for women. And age groups that tie in with the fates of past, present and future (there are really four fates, one is invisible and she does the spy work. She is the eye they share.).

I mean this isn’t the blog post to pretend I can put a formula to the word ‘event’. What is the formula for creating a good ‘event’ and what symbol could possibly represent or signify that chemical structure and how does that concisely contribute to whatever condensed formula creates a love vibration and how that ties into the archetypes of all manner of beings in a not-animal farm kind of way – because if we are all suffering we are all made equal by something

You have no idea how far I have taken this and from where it could have begun and neither do we. Not being able to answer other people’s questions is why I had abortions really


If you can find three figures in religion, or any figure of ancient history or mythology – and analyse them to infinity (it begins with analysing the archetypes of your life) – work out who is YOUR god – who is YOUR lucifer – who is your gabriel –

So when you watch the office – thoughts planted – who is God? Who is Gabriel? Who is Lucifer?

Then – WHY?

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