every time i hate them they go all bdsm and join team judas and really, really both irritate and piss me off because even if i fucking despise you i am a team player


Yes musicals have a reputation for being ‘cringe’ but Andrew Lloyd Webber is a genius. He made T.S Eliot’s catatonic poetry enjoyable to millions. I mean if you couldn’t do a better job of orchestrating a musical you really have no place being embarrassed by enjoying one. Anyway even if you don’t want to watch it, I think that the role of Judas is the most challenging singing role in musical theatre – because of these unsurpassable performances

Also is the 70s version better? I genuinely struggle with it. Whose performance is more impressive? Both are perfect but really who is a better Judas?

It actually fucks me up as someone who is so passionate about casting

When 70s Judas screams it also fuCKs me up because like you can hear he really wants to fucking cry and there is so much energy to that sound vibration

and when you turn on the radio you hear fuck all music that has that affect on you

“if something is interesting or attractive to you – before anything, work out why it is. and working out the why of anything takes many years. all motives can be developed and refined but first there must be honesty and the capacity – and the right – to express that honesty without fear of judgement” SL

my personal truth is that I have achieved the best results when I’ve done the things I’ve felt I ought to, even if I knew better.

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