I’m trying this new thing where I offer no more than a sentence to a topic. People don’t have the concentration for the amount of shit I write.

This guy I was living with years ago once said “girls are DISGUSTING” and I said “yeah we are”.

I’ll keep this concise, I have taken shits bigger than most people’s brains since I was a baby. That means I physically can’t move sometimes. It is a disability.

It is difficult to carry around half a stones worth of what my mother describes as “toxic waste”. And what my spiritual teacher would describe as “negative energy”.
Scientifically both are correct and like most people’s opinions about things that I go through that they don’t – I don’t want to hear it. I don’t want your opinion about anything unless it is superior to mine.

I don’t want to hear that I’m lazy and I don’t do anything – whatever you can do – I can do better and I can do it looking dainty as fuck – carrying a months worth of shit in my stomach.

I mean I did ballet/acrobatics/gymnastics without taking a shit for weeks. Yes it sounds really sad and painful and omg how did you manage if you word it like that – but actually I kept quiet about it because my problems aren’t your business. So in addition to that, I was bullied the fuck out of for stuff that I often didn’t do – and if I did do it – how great did it make your life for awhile?

Don’t patronise me

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