you still don’t know what it took to have my terrible sense of humour do you

If I were in the desert in an arabic country and I was raped they’d blame me
they’d say “why didn’t you protect yourself?” and I’d say “PROTECT MYSELF!?” and they’d think it was weird I didn’t try and kill the person before they did that
like they could not comprehend – I assure you – how an arabic person would allow someone to do that without losing a limb or at least coming out looking like being raped wasn’t the only struggle.

Actually that’s an issue I have with Islam. Sometimes I feel like this religion people want to respect really ultimately endorses the belief that men are so disgusting that if you aren’t wearing an outfit that is all but obtrusive and makes it difficult to even navigate – it is your fault if you get raped. Unless you were an arab woman so well known in your local community, say in a country like Saudi – where every person that had ever met or seen you couldn’t doubt you were a devout muslim woman throughout every moment of your life (I mean – you literally only stopped thinking about God when you went to the bathroom or something) – and they’d know in an Islamic Court – they’d really know – you’d be accountable for not dying trying to stop yourself from being raped. Like in a Islamic court, you MIGHT get away with “the only reason I didnt kill my rapist is I believed God wanted me to forgive him because he didn’t know better” – but only if you meant it. Really meant it. Even then you’d have to work hard for years for the community to believe it – and it’d probably happen again and again because that’s how creepy men are, all over the world.

In the UK if I was raped – I’d get imprisoned for trying to protect myself. If the rapist was a good looking, well spoken and well liked guy I’d probably get hated by all the locals too. “how could a guy like that rape someone?” “he has a heart of gold. he has a decent schedule. he drinks tea for christs sake. he has respect for road laws and is always on time for appointments”. “His family are so respectable.” “He is famous”. “He is a serious professional, not a pervert” (this one is popular, I found, amongst doctors in the UK.)

And that is something that is also quite strange to many religions that teach people to be peaceful but also to value their lives – but also no one, I hope, would commit rape if they genuinely understood what it does to both the rapist and the victim. You suffer with that for a long time.

If I still talked to my old friends – I never will – I’d of told them about my own account of being raped in a psychiatric ward (you think it sounds ludicrous? Where else will you get away with overdosing a person with sedatives? Where else is it normal for women to scream hysterically? Where else can a woman scream “HES RAPING ME” and it be kinda funny? And psychiatric ward staff know where all the cameras are. And even then – when cameras and vulnerable people get mixed together it all becomes lucrative for the black market shadow side of the sex industry) I’d have done so laughing at having survived yet another medical fetishists fantasy and not even having been paid a few hundred million pounds for the fact

cos how else do you cope

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