I see Sparky Polastri as like

This quiet influencer of untellable – whats the word for distance? – reaches? distances? sometimes you need a few words

He infiltrates schools run in wealthy WASP American neighbourhoods that have been stealing choreography from students in under privileged (African American/JEWISH GHETTOS) neighbourhoods – and gets paid not only to insult them but to completely embarrass them publicly

Cheerleaders are dancers who have gone retarded
Dancers are martial artists who have gone retarded
Martial artists are spiritual masters who have more often than not gone completely retarded

things work in levels

In dance and any sports that requires you to touch someone else – or CARRY someone else – someone whose body might actually be worth more than yours – so it’s not about you it’s about everyone you’re hanging out with/thinking about/but ESPECIALLY “secretly” competing with too (it is never a secret to anyone else who you’re competing with though, especially not them – and in dance you’re taught that part of the performance is always to make it seem ‘effortless’. Even if you one time almost shattered your skull learning how to do it)

Here are his requests as a dance coach – not someone playing a sexual game
yes it is funny – but that is what dancers and martial artists are put through. and it is actually worse than the military. i don’t know how i know that, but for some reason I am fully certain and sincere as I write it. It’s not an absurd suggestion – in the military you are trained to feel nothing. You’re made into a hive mind zombie that follows instructions and feelings are invaluable and also can cheapen judgement. In dance – you really have to feeeeel everything.

And in the Royal Ballet they would measure the circumference of your wrists/ankles/upper arms everywhere that fat accumulates. And weigh you. And constantly remind you of your physical weaknesses (although in martial arts there’d be an overtly – ideally – spiritual element that encouraged you to practice the belief that over time with gradual work you can overcome even terrible physical limitations – because the motivation should never be ‘fighting’. It should be moving. Learning how to move. Learning how to move with and against another person. In dance you’re as good as dead cos no one’s insuring someone with a messed up ankle and no one wants to dance with that person either – you’re a ‘liability’.  and maybe things have changed – but in my mother’s time – but when you’re systemically told you’re physical flaws as weaknesses – no one has the time for you to get upset and sensitive about it. You’re literally a tool for creating someone else’s vision. Your flaws are everyone else’s flaws.
Dancing is a selfless thing that is about whoever you’re doing it with – but secretly it is all about you.
Martial Arts is about the other person or people entirely.

Levels. deep.


Sparky says “lose weight” why? “because other people have to be able to throw you in the air and if you’re over weight you’re affecting their lives and putting them in danger too”

the idea is – that is “spiritual” or more appropriately “buddhist” – people confuse the terms and maybe shouldnt – the change in you is necessary for everyone else but is only necessary if you want to do it. no one cares if you leave, you’ll be replaced in a second. That creates in dancers an early understanding of transience – and insignificance. Which means they learn that if they want the role or title or whatever they deserve – they have to make sure their teacher is watching them. This is when a “dancer” or a “martial artist” becomes a “performer”.

Imagine all those rows and rows and rows of kids being taught martial arts – in a country where it is weird if you don’t learn it, because it is a heritage art form. I don’t know if that’s cultural appropriation but it’s a compliment because have you seen how white people punch each other? They hurt themselves more than they hurt the person they’re punching.
If you want to be “noticed”, it becomes an entirely different art practice to dancing itself. Especially if you’re all in the same leotard, all in the same shoes, the same tights, the same uniform whatever. Some people are taught to become irreplaceable – those are divas. Somewhere along the line, for a woman to become a diva – a woman in her family had to really fucking suffer to justify it. And probably had to fight a tonne of men along the way. (and by fight i mean, learn how to negotiate without bruising their egos)

He like, verbalises everyone’s insecurities with zero reluctance and tells them how to work on it. He’s not doing it to control them or make them feel insecure – I know a lot of men do that – he’s doing it because the only person whose opinion you should be listening to when you’re doing something that can literally result in your becoming paralysed for life – is him. or whoever your dance teacher is. the only person you should be emulating is your dance teacher.

a lot of dance teachers dont perform because sharing energy with students is a sacrifice. you have the energy as if from nowhere to teach people to do insane and dangerous things with their bodies all day which means you aren’t pushing yourself which means you’re never gonna be the next Margot Fontaine but you are looking for one because you have learned to source your self esteem in how you influence the achievements of others.

And also you’re taught to admire and respect people who have shown you that things are possible. So when you have a friend who makes doing a thing look really easy – they had to learn it first – and then they were able to break it down for you. And it came effortlessly to you but it cost someone something. And thats the same with being a diva etc.

How I play street fighter – relevant. I ALWAYS lose first. It’s not about winning, it’s about learning how you think when you think someone is thoughtless/stupid. I always SAY I’m doing it. I literally tell the person that I am playing with “aw I’m gonna lose tho! hahahah!!!!” in that obnoxious feminine mistaken for flirting and mistaken for submission performance that is actually second nature but still a performance cos my brother sure as hell doesn’t know what it’s like to talk to that me

anyway so – if I directed Korra and really no one else could – (MAKING A JOKE BUT AM I) (YOU KNOW ME TOO WELL TO ASSUME ANYTHING AND I KNOW YOUD BE OFFENDED BY THAT) (YOUD PICK THE MOST OFFENSIVE TRUTH AND START FROM THERE AND ITD BE THE ONE OF LEAST IMPORTANCE TO ME.) (“IS SHE INFERRING I AM A POOR STORY TELLER? IS THAT WHAT THIS IS? IS SHE GOING THERE? IS SHE SURE SHE WANTS TO GO THERE? IS THIS WAR? DOES SHE KNOW WHO I AM?” – me calculating your thoughts as I time travel before I offer boring disclaimers that ruin my jokes but also help you understand me) (it doesnt matter what bodies we are in, we dont understand one another.) (ok no thats wrong – I understand you – you assume im wrong – i allow you to assume that – you realise you are wrong – you make me forget that i was right all along)

Every other line he says is really like two twins talking to one another and thats how I’d direct Eska and Desna. You could, I could – if I weren’t lazy – make a cute tacky southpark esque demonstration and even upload it to youtube and I might but I’ve started my period which means my body is going into shock so I’m in a lot of pain but I won’t be aware of it for atleast three hours and hopefully i’ll be asleep by then

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