could this illustration I did yeeeears ago… have happened


without this (Starry Night – Van Gogh. My brother had it in his bedroom. And likes to use pastels sometimes. I found it on google. I googled “Starry Night”)


and this (Trunks – Dragon Ball Z. An illustration by someone who deserves credit but I don’t know who they are. I found it on google, I googled “trunks”)


and … this … (Google “HIM artwork” / “buried alive by love” album)


Art inspired by Ville Valo’s… he probably did it actually… not that his memory is reliable

I made u a gift cos i know you secretly wish i’d anime u

Screen Shot 2018-10-24 at 21.10.59.png

I might as well credit Yoshitaka Amano for the scribble up there. There’s a cuter version below. I DID IT WITH MY LAPTOP TRACK PAD?????!!!!


we can shop for parts together bae

I mean it.

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