“i need not this in my ilfe”


lie all you want

i dressed you and i danced you and i directed you

i picked him years ago to think about because i saw the packaging and webdesign for his brand. i hated his music, i hate him as a person – but i admire his eye for detail (which, whether you liked his music or not (no one DIDNT like the music) would’ve been inspired by ville valo – who is also me in another body)
and i liked his taste in girls. and guys obviously (he has to have a band he can’t have sex with) (How do i know that???????????????????????????????????????????????????????)

Technically he is one of my biggest inspirations – in the fact that i LOVE packaging and the photographs I used to see on people’s blogs of the things he’d send over when he was selling something as simple as a t-shirt used to be really exciting to me. The independent t-shirt company thing was born with – obviously – punk and DIY culture, obviously, but online specifically it was the hardcore kids that started brands selling tshirts with ‘scene kid’ illustrations – an internet born subculture that merged a lot of alternative subcultures and was embraced by people who saw it as a movement and people who saw it as a trend. I resent neither of the two at this point. People realised it was lucrative to print tshirts and sell them at shows, and then even more so to sell them on the internet.

The aesthetic then, was a kind of Japanese street fashion (brought in by Gwen Stefani, Mana Sama, girls like me who’d saunter through London and Camden on the weekends looking ridiculous-ly epic) and anime inspired graffiti-esque style of illustration and well made american-apparel esque fabrics and cuts (because these weren’t generally factory run businesses – these were small scale screen printing businesses and they’d make their own designs but they’d make more money and sell better quality products by buying the items in bulk and sorting other companies out with tshirts too – it became a huge thing) and it was in no small part because of how adult sites were marketed. Sexy girls were the best marketing tool – now it’s “social influencers” but then – it was naked girls.

Internet history – I am an expert of the past.

So this guy is good at packaging. I’ve never met him and I wouldn’t hang out with him for cash but I could speak to him as if I’d known him for years. (we’d kill each other, he’s a scorpio and he’s still in the pity-me wall segment of my personal attack on titan compound) (we’d like, hang out fine alone – then wed piss each other off – then we wouldnt KNOW WHY we pissed each other off – wed make it about something else – youd be a dick lots of times in little ways. id be a dick once or twice in very big ways. youd win short term id win long term cos then id base my future relaitonship decisions on who would piss you off the most – and you couldnt get pissed off because i’d do it all in about 60 seconds, forget it and then spend the next 10 years of my life making you upset remotely
he only wants me in his life because im nigh on proving theres no such thing as addiction and mental illness and he needs an enabler in his ilfe

I imagine he would’ve said the same thing about Ville Valo who is also as I’ve said many times, is also one of my biggest inspirations. Things work in a chain. Two youtubers I liked in the last year made books, and I also put together my first book. Obviously the scale is different – they don’t have people employed to make sure that no one finds out who they are – obviously no one wants me to make a book about the illuminati public even if the illuminati is mine for all intents and purposes. I mean – the illuminati and i offer and exchange value – and that is nature and how it should be. I pick people and they become famous and also that allows me to influence art and aesthetics and that is one of my greatest joys in life.

If I/YOU have been thinking about someone a lot for years that means that they have been sharing energy with me and that i’ve therefore returned something of myself. nothing is free, not even a thought.
And actually – not me – but thinking about people often is a kind of energy theft if their talents don’t have any use to you. That is why many celebrities are sleeping all day. They are literally helping their fans live their best lives and in exchange they get to live lives surrounded by beauty and if their minds in the right place they can help change how people think for the better.

I think after SJ and Amanda his taste just went downhill. The spiritual aesthetic that Lisa brought in through me going to Uni with my big mouth meant that a lot of girls started talking about stuff they didn’t understand at all and it got them laid.

(I once said “She’s cheating on you” about his ex wife – WAS RIGHT WASN’I)

And to you ex wife bitchybitch
eat a fucking burger you do the world a bigger favour by being who you really are. you stole an earring design off me and thats what pissed me off, and it was cultural appropriation. and id rather have my feet and lips than like. ever resemble you even slightly



imagine our

violins. so many violins. so many windswept cinematics and running sequences and i will design all your outfits and you can design mine and we can play swaps

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