I wrote this initially as whole paragraphs but actually it’s some individual truths

1. Every day, lately, I really think about how my karma and the cycles in my life that kept recurring in social/academic or professional situations shaped what I know what I’m capable of achieving or persevering through.

2. It’s difficult to believe I’m good at anything – that makes me one of those unbearable self conscious people. This means that I’ve managed to develop an opinion of what I think “good” means that is entirely my own. That means when I think something is good, I think it is really good.

3. I don’t like compliments and rarely feel them to be sincere and I experience that discomfort as a physical sensation. Through this experience I’ve learned only to give compliments I really mean. Or to only give sarcastic negs that are actually huge compliments.

4. If you’ve complimented me and I made a weird face in response it is possible I was dying of shock.

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