“can you stop trying to validate me”

Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 23.38.57

The truth is it really doesn’t matter what struggles you’ve chosen if you practice good manners to the best of your ability

I’m in a really nice mood. If I tell you I think you are a sociopath it’s because I feel comfortable being brutally honest with you – which isn’t very polite – but also it probably means I am cat flirting. “I can tell that deep down you are actually probably an awful person but I can also tell there’s something attractive enough about you to outweigh the negatives that I can detect from what I think is possibly a hint of the potential for pure evil”

AND THEN if I really love you, even if you’re a sociopath – I will tell you that in order to be one thing you must also experience being the complete opposite. It is “natural” and a truth apparent in every walk of every kind of life ever.

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