In soul fragments this girl is Blood, is Twwly (ref 1 – SG, ref 2 – is me. The ‘Miss B’ she kissed is Khleo, is me. The Karina is me. The reason you crave pesto pasta or tuna pasta at night is because me. My dream was to be a vet or a unicorn. Hello Kitty is my favourite Japanese character and do you remember my then-boyfriend ahmed and I used to call each other Kitty/Kittie? It was – secretly, to me – also a reference to Anne Frank.

You can walk in heels if you share energy – that is, think of me – with me. Or (I’m serious)
Cos if I was a boy I’d have my personality and Alex’s and also maybe Joseph Fiennes etc face – with Travis Fimmel shade of blue eyes – as Ragnar – fuck the real one

Screen Shot 2018-10-11 at 00.00.57.png

And yes, funny thing about pants

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