“stay the hell away from me”
i thought of someone saying it (to me and it was lovely)

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 15.50.15.png

I’m doing a law A level. So. Wasting fifteen quid on a meal that should’ve tasted a lot better considering how stoned I got in preparation for it’s arrival turned out to be guiltless. But it just.. had no taste that made it worth wanting to eat again. Like, completely disappointing.

I CAN DO BETTER THAN THIS (make better tasting voodoo chicken I mean)
(voodoo chicken is a personal family joke – my brother liked to invite spirit guides that had a colourful interpretation of english to explain that if you consume a chicken that spent it’s life being abused – you’ll consume it’s feelings throughout it’s life as you consume it’s flesh. muscle carries trauma memory so scientifically it’s all sadly quite plausible. but i mean when the majority of the worlds spiritual masters hate studying science, the vocabulary must get confusing)

but I’m not going to start competing with KFC over who can make a more addictive junk food recipe – because I’ve got so much other stuff I should be doing and apparently an A level in June

My hopeful suicidegirls set is getting ridiculous.

Screen Shot 2018-10-07 at 18.09.55.png

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