‘A DRINK?’ ‘NO!’

In spirit – there is no such word as ‘no’.
So how do you confront something like rape, as a spiritual person who doesn’t believe that no exists in Universal law?

When you are offered some kind of proposition – for example when you, for a brief moment think “has this person roofied me?” return the thought with “for his own sake, for his own sense of self, for his own soul – with all of my being i hope the fuck not – and even to think of something like that is to ruin his own life; and as much as I wouldn’t enjoy being raped, the consequences of what would happen to a person for doing something so cruel would certainly eventually destroy them and there are so many people that might’ve been able to love them and they might never get to because of how much it would damage them – and that is sad”


Before an old “friend” of mine turned out to be into roofying women, back when I was quite obsessed with him (mostly because he was bombarding me with negs) I once looked at him and thought “no one will ever love you” and I know he heard the thought, and I know he’s in a relationship and that he’s desperately trying to prove otherwise to himself but his relationship and romance carousel stops with me – when you abuse someone and run from them – your ability to love remains with them. Now imagine if he had done this to EVERY girl that he could’ve loved.

Doing you a favour telling you that – and be grateful to that person and me that I had to observe and participate in that nonsense in order to be able to convey the information.

Published by KARINITA


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