there’s this bit in an alfie deyes video where he is talking about how much he used to love buying pencil cases and its amongst the many things he and i have in common actually

so i know why everyone used to love zoe and used to love alfie and then over many years kind of couldnt anymore – and that is because you kind of fall in love with one of them – never both of them

and i fell in love with zoella first and then i fell in love with alifie and i wouldnt and couldnt put up with either of them in real life but i feel like we are in a very serious friendship where i am mad at both of them on and off mostly on and for like maybe years at a time iunno

jokes aside, that is actually how energy work .. works.

you could probably compare the zoella and alfie karma to their karmas as kids



They might be uncomfortable if they had read that – cos it’s true – but fortunately they don’t know who I am. So really I’m remarking on celebrity culture.

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