at some point, i think it’ll be worth going through various sentences i’ve posted on the internet and putting a little asterisk beside it to indicate with a disclaimer at the bottom of the post that *i am flirting

with a few guys. as always.

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 16.17.58.png

“I like to give boys flowers” translates to I am flirting.

“I like stupid bags. I like stupid boys” translates to “I like boys in the same way I like bags: glorious, feminine and constantly attached to me … and I only ever find one I like every ten to fifteen years or so.” I never find handbags I like, ever. Apart from a Moschino My Little Pony one which was extremely expensive.

I was 19 when I wrote this. I don’t like ‘stupid boys’ because they’re the most sly

Like I’d prefer you didn’t try to fuck me over but if you do fuck me over at least don’t bother hiding the fact

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