I don’t like weebs generally (lets be clear though, I am a weeb – and it’s taken a great deal of positive thinking and affirmations to make me stop disliking myself, so don’t be offended)

But sometimes I wish I could be friends with weebs. Like I picture that we (we, the weebs) would’ve of hypothetically been friends for a really long time and that the weebs had accepted that I project myself onto L, even though it’s more obvious and appropriate by far for me to be ‘Kira’. (I could be all three – and yes thats super narcissistic and unfair but I tried very hard to nurture my weebdom in private and that encouraged me to learn to empathise and relate to many different kinds of character at once. Probably because I fancied them.)

basically, today Bernie came in late after a day at work and dress rehearsals at the theatre and I was so aware of my terrible posture. I doubt she cared or noticed but I was just aware that I hunch over my laptop when I sit at a chair sometimes

So0. I’m getting to the point: in Deathnote L says he sits with his back arched because he feels that if he were to sit up straight he’d have to sacrifice a percentage of his intuition. and i think thats true, because as an introvert – if im around people I know – I generally don’t bother with good posture. So perhaps the attention paid to social etiquette is some kind of energy expended towards interaction through performance and that’s why his intuition/capacity for judgement decreases?


Oh godd I put a wash on the washing machine and I’m half reluctant to approach the washing because I don’t think any of those garments were made to be put in a 40 degree wash that lasts for three hours. and half reluctant because it’s fucking 1 am

Edited to add: it’s beeping periodically and it’s obnoxiously loud and i know it’s probably one of those machines that will keep beeping til you attend to it but i can’t move. won’t move. shan’t move. point blank refuse to move.

(I told mysefl <- typo, leaving it there, it’s funny )) I told mself oh go
I told myself that I would translate upto seven minutes of this video and I am determined to do it even fi I’m exhauste)

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