So I’m writing the captions and sort-of-very-much-thinking that it’s really interesting, for me, as a person who takes a lot of interest in all the different ways that people emote and speak and – communicate at all – but especially the different ways in which people actually speak “English”

Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 00.23.01Screen Shot 2018-08-29 at 00.23.32

And I’m inspired by the idea of documenting a moment of the way English is spoken

What I really enjoy about this video is that – when you remove the things Bernie is saying from the context of a youtube story time video – you have dialogue that you can take apart and like, transfer and apply to a myriad of life-experiences really brilliantly.

Can’t you like, picture Patsy saying this to Eddie? “you look lovely eddie and I LOOK GORGEOUS”

I love one-liners. I look out and listen for them. And it’s probably as a result of being one of those instant messenging typists that will type a collection of words and press return a million times as opposed to writing out a full paragraph – as you might when you author a blog book.

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