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I picked three cards from Bernie’s deck while I had a cigarette – I’m taking a break from filming a youtube debut that I completely forced her into.

Here’s a still from the video I’m editing.

Screen Shot 2018-08-22 at 23.57.59.png

She is one of the most beautiful women I’ve ever met. I mean physically and nonphysically – she is inimitable, unique and hilarious and she’s always keeping in the most fantastic chat. (Even if she is basically Mrs TiggywinkleScreen Shot 2019-01-07 at 04.35.37.png.)

Back to the reading.

It’s 21:21 and this is for a male version of me, or two – from Lisa Samuel – 2010

The first card – Three of Cups

The card has three women and three chalices – there are two energies being poured into one and that one is over flowing with energy that it can do nothing with but carry. Energy cannot be wasted – it moves on – but is this ethical?
It’s as though the only light you find in life is in the company of others and yet you keep a safe distance. The water – or golden elixir – or however you might be inclined to poetically describe energy – comes from a childhood difficulty that immediately results in an addiction to strong emotion – you use a lot of energy to both express and to feel, even if you go to great lengths to conceal the fact. The chalice is like any human body – quite inanimate until it is full. The purpose of the Chalice is to give, so the fact that there is a chalice taking from the others makes very little sense and will not last long. Actually, conceptually, this is an unhealthy position to be in – and something it can take many years to realise and many years later yet to recover from.

The second card – Page of Wands

The page represents a young boy, who holds up a staff with a head that imitates the ouroboros – the ouroboros has many depictions but in this particular cards it is two heads that are facing one another, rather than a single snake eating itself.
This card is about your Twinflame. Your twinflame stands between you and whoever it seems that you have strong feelings for – the following card.

The third card – The Empress

On the very top of the Empress card is a ‘III’ symbol. Her dress has a chainmail effect that upon a closer look represents the flower of life. She carries the symbol of femininity but if you look closely it’s as though that femininity is an act. She’s not interested in love or romance or even her own femininity – and it’s as though her Twinflame exists on a level of perception that is very, very far from her own – quite able to see her light but also able to choose the illusion – and preferring to. Which suits you fine, but not really.

The Twinflame dynamic very rarely has anything to do with romance. Some twins are meant to be together, some are simply supposed to teach one another very difficult lessons. But if we can overcome those lessons and the resulting hardships – and we ought to desire to – we catalyse not only human evolution but much more importantly, we impact the vibrations and energies throughout the Universe.

If you’re really looking for purpose – you’ll find it by holding onto that truth. Ultimately there are two purposes in the Twinflame dynamic – to create and to destroy.

>> reference <<

I can’t tell you how to interpret the words “create” and “destroy” but I think this animation does a wonderful job of it. What might be the most important character to the entire plot – the Forest Spirit – creates life and destroys it with every footstep.

You should watch.

This card has a lot of meaning outside of the one that I see in it right now – the details in the art depicted on cards is much more important than their universally believed or conceived meanings, and being able to comprehend the narrative in a full spread is something we are all capable of. People are evolving, that means that your psychic readings become shared soul information, not necessarily a message for the you in the present, perhaps a past self, perhaps a future one.

Sheep are a pretty biblical concept, the notion that the people of that time were a wandering herd of stupid animals that copied one another. In life you are sometimes fortunate enough to meet an opposite of somekind – that’s not necessarily a twinflame, but sometimes it is a part of you that you have concealed from yourself.
Sometimes it is a twinflame, but if you can’t confront your own self you can’t confront your twin.

There have been many attempts throughout time, to describe the Twinflame dynamic. Often the people who seek to understand don’t quite have the vocabulary to explain what they learn in a way that can be made sense of to everyone. Someone very rooted in the explanation of life that science has provided may not want to believe that we have a “the one”, that there might be some contract that binds us to another individual on this Planet – and often their understanding of that contract has a great deal more consideration of the things that they might’ve been taught to expect from “human” to “human” relationships – but the Twinflame dynamic isn’t a very “human” concept at all, and “relationships” are a wholly human concept and a word we prefer to use in place of “attraction” and “connection” (and an apparent lack of those in our interactions.)

Edited 10 September to add

In terms of sheep versus wands – what I understand is that you have some kind of choice to make when it comes to being with the person who can help you grow the most – and because twin flames are relationships you enter for the world’s benefit more so than your own (how utilitarian) the message for the querent in this reading is “you have to reject every social ideal” to be with your twin flame

I did a six card reading, and the cards mirrored one another. The first three were sort of good, some were reversed – the second set of three made sense of the first three.

And true monogamy can only be achieved by Twinflames – it almost never is. That’s why Jesus, Judas and Mary Magdalene were such a big deal.

If you THINK they are “cheating” – they are cheating.


If you’re ever scared there’s someone around you that could hurt you, always have a *very* hot drink to hand to sip at intervals. It’s never inappropriate to carry a hot drink when you’re walking around in alleys/going over to a strangers house/alone somewhere. If it’s got lemon in it and you get it in their eyes it hurts a *lot* more by the way. And if your drink gets cold, thats your cue to ask for another or leave. If you get an uncomfortable thought for even a moment – wherever you are – leave.
It might not be your thought – you might be feeling concern towards someone very close to you – the Russians did experiments years ago on telepathy and the connection between mother rabbits and their pups that proved that the ability to communicate non-verbally and at a great distance is a very genuine reality for animals, humans too – and it will be proven within the next fifteen years or so.

Having “pets” is great. One time (years ago – I outgrew this cycle) Lisa sat with me and said I’d have to pick between a boyfriend and a dog. I think back then I’d of picked the boyfriend. Now I know that if someone ever made me choose between a boyfriend and a dog – like Tintin – I’d probably respond with a “BYEBYE HAV A BEAUTIFUL TIME”.
No dog has ever told me a lie, or made me believe it was anything it wasn’t. That’s why I can love an aggressive dog, why I can love any kind of dog actually.

If you’re feeling weird – and by weird I mean unsafe – and you have cats, they’re good at reading vibrations in an atmosphere. It’s unlikely they’ll protect you in the way a dog might, but they do communicate in ways dogs don’t. (There is no “Cat bodylanguage” book that can really explain what every individual cat is feeling, like there is no “human bodylanguage” that can teach you what a person is feeling.)

Like if you have a confrontation brewing in the kitchen and the cat doesn’t bother running off, there’s nothing to worry about.

If you have a dog that isn’t completely stupid
(I find dogs that love *everyone* really fucking stupid, unless they’re like, homeless – and they’ve had to become that way cos they’re cute enough to be able to get food for it) – also (If someone else’s dog is acting weird around you, either you’re the weird one and they’re protecting their owner – and if you really have no ulterior motives around the ‘someone’, then believe me, the dog knows IF ITS NOT HELLA STUPID – and otherwise, it might be reflecting it’s owners feelings or intentions towards you.)
they’re also a great indication of whether you’re safe or not.

This does not apply if your dog is the kind of dog you can take out without their embarrassing you – although actually, sometimes those otherwise perfectly behaved dogs start humping things (probably your new acquaintance/s). And I will tell you now – even if your cat follows you down two streets – they really, really do not want to hang out with you.

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