teenagers were cooler in the 90s. My inner teen is a kevin at home and a perry at other peoples houses.

other thoughts – street and sports wear are still lowkey working around the same silhouettes? And the “rave” “party” “drag” and “beauty” kids are all embracing the “natural”-make up strippers-casual-day-out-with-family-who-think-shes-still-working-in-retail look

Not related – I’ve found the ONLY person who can pull off a puffer jacket and chains. She even has ballerina dainty hands. She’s been immortalised in Vogue, which is important for all time. Like we all, at some point in our lives have worn a puffer jacket but we’ve never looked as good as this – but it was worth it that someone made it a look that could only have worked for them

Screen Shot 2018-08-20 at 20.53.39.png

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