scribblesthesth this weekendsth

This weekend is being put to excellent use by my own standards. I bumped into my dad (not a “sugar dating” related euphemism) and he bought me a new sketchbook from Tiger.

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 18.50.16Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 18.57.46
Lots of illustrations are being illustrated. Here are two of those.

The first illustration is of a “changeling”, they’re forever young human beings that live with the fairies – who’ve been replaced by real fey. So – you might see a person in fairyland and their real identity has been stolen by a fairy!

The second illustration is of two mermaids. Heavily inspired by Yayoi Kusama’s Little Mermaid book sitting beside me.

I had to use the train on the way back to Ealing and I got a few pages into Tithe. You should read Tithe. I’m inspired by Tithe right now. You aren’t too cool for the kinds of books written for teenage girls, are you? Also I think the first illustration was a little bit inspired by this music video

The mermaid scribble is becoming this. How fun

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 20.36.45.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 21.10.46.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 21.31.29.png

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 22.24.58

The caption is “sexy maid must’ve been our look first”

Screen Shot 2018-08-18 at 22.39.46.png

Cos, they’re mermaids. Do you get it..? (Doesn’t the one in shimmering pink look like Haifa?)

Okay they’ve morphed into the Technocats (The Choupettes)

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 00.30.58.png

And now she looks like a lion Rizzo (Grease)

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 00.53.04.png

It’s now 4:17 AM and it’d be sensible to sleep

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 04.16.22.png

It’s 5:53 AM
And apparently I can’t pick an eye style so we’re going with both.

Screen Shot 2018-08-19 at 05.52.45.png

I was going for a platinum blonde Isabella Blow but we’ve got a whole load of iconic features going on. It’s sort of very Pink Panther opening sequence kinda weird

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