It’s been years since I got excited about cleaning products, but it’s not really the cleaning I’m looking forward to – it’s finding a cute place to put the products – so that I can take a photo and remember it forever. (I actually got paid to clean – I’m great at it) The aisles hosting vibrant shades of fuchsia plastic antiseptics & the £1 shoppe did not disappoint. I bought Bernie some really cute Aphrodite shell things from Tiger. I bought myself a hilarious keyring for my leopard print key, when I was at my parents house I played a sims game and completely filled my own bedroom with numerous digital fortunetelling machines that sims could direct their most pressing questions to – well I got that as a keyring.

Here’s a thought – if you understand the notion of service, and most people really don’t – you effectively teach people how they should treat others. You might look a bit out of place, for example, by being verbal in a pretty public establishment – about how important it is to establish trust between client and service (for example, a bank – a restaurant?) but it’s important because banks and their staff seem to completely disregard that their service requires – more than anything – aspiring towards establishing trust with their client – before anything. I’ve been with this bank for years and I’m a bit resentful of the fact that they’re consistently incompetent.

My mother’s mother had shares – her British accountant ran off with the money. I’ve no idea if it was a lot of money, or a little – enough to want to run off with – and I guess even that is relative.

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