I’ve found a really incredible website for creatives. You have to pay to join though


Please do NOT join this creepy site.

Its owned by footballers who still don’t appreciate how fucking tough it is to get an arts education and if they have any taste, any attempt at talent – it’s been stolen from watching ME work. My TASTE affects STOCKS and SHARES.
I know – as in future me knows – these people will pay heavily. They’re having a hard time but it’s nothing. Karma doesn’t work how you think it should. Karma doesn’t work how I think it should either.


> I bought this blouse on Amazon <<

Half of me thinks that Levi would borrow it and the other half thinks that maaaybe he’d like, wear it once – be seen in it, get a beautiful photograph of himself in it and then he’d cut it up and use it as a guide to design his own pattern because it’s actually really hard to find decent inexpensive shirts for people with longer torsos (like me!)

(If I point out flaws that people have verbalised about me, do you think I’ll be able to pull off the fact that I am so conceited as to actually enjoy photographing myself?????) (Rhetorical question – I know self love is never okay! Don’t worry. I know.)


You can’t see it but I have like, some pretty serious 70s bush and I’ve been wearing these knickers for days. I could probably sell them online. (I’m not going to. I might get a gold frame and make some art of them though) (Thats what Tracey Emin would do and damnit why aren’t women okay with being gross?)


So far today I’ve nap-meditated, tidied my room & Bernie’s kitchen a little and played dress up and fed the cat crew. I’m a little overwhelmed because I have things to sort out but I’m actually in a great mood. I’m watching some videos on youtube of one of those guys that should probably be one of my boyfriends. I know people like anonymity but I’ve kept my crushes and my love life confidential my entire life and my portfolio of boyfriends is on the lacking-side-of-adequate at best, but nothing compared to what it could’ve been. I was going to namedrop you but then the girls that lurk me that pretend not to (if you’re going to lurk, don’t even bother doing it anonymously – that’s a coward move) might end up trying to steal you. And that’s fine cos you probably need a few rebounds before you accept that you’re bi and that I’m the best of both worlds because I’m basically a post-op boy

You might think this is some massive revenge for what was done to me and you’d only be 10% right. I have a lot of love to give okay, and when I love people their lives become amazing (and then when I stop loving them their lives become really dull)
It’s not something entirely unique to me – how great do people feel about themselves when they know people are in love with them? If we were all encouraged to feel great about ourselves and if we all knew that people found us attractive or something, we’d probably all be less difficult to co-exist with.
Is that an obnoxious thing to say? It’s like, my blog, if I can’t be obnoxious on my blog where is it okay for me to be obnoxious? And I’m obviously being passive aggressive and unpleasant but wouldn’t you be, if you’d seen some of the women that I’d been cheated on with? Would it be more acceptable if I chose to only blog about like, acceptable stuff? I feel like the only acceptable things for women to discuss are hauls from inexpensive places (would if I could too, though, not gonna lie)
Writing anything worth reading has to come from a real place and the niche I see in the blog market is a person who can do that at least 30% as well as Trisha Paytas.

Moving on from my low-key asking permission to the Universal you to not judge me for wanting to document that which I attempt to find beauty in. Like, yes it pisses me off that I’ve had a tough time but acknowledging the fact is nothing but a healthy response and amongst the only things I currently am inclined to document about my life. I’d love to publish a book about my life but no one does that because not many people’s lives are all that interesting. I THINK MINE IS.

OK so

omg Nicki, omg Chun-Li, hiiiii
Or do we… do we just call you Sekhmet now?

Awhile ago I wanted to make a video in Copenhagen called “One Look” where I basically filmed a super serious men’s street fashion video – basically the premise was to capture all the men in the street wearing the same outfit. They do that. They mix up the shoes a bit but the outfit is consistent. Like I didn’t look all that great unless I was seeing that guy I liked (I cringe thinking about it) or I was going out with the family nanny that I lived with but I was literally recovering from the kind of almost-died-a-hundred-times trauma they put in horror films. Which I’d like to think is a valid excuse. So yeah –

>> Vogue posted an article on Saturday for Copenhagen Fashion week. I like, clicked on it thinking it’d be funny and that they’d all be wearing variations of the same outfit but actually I was deeply mistaken in thinking so. <<

*jazz hands* INSPIRING *jazz hands*

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