I need things.

Like I especially need a really fancy handbag – I used to have a Paul & Joe one that was so0o0 Miumiu but someone ripped it to shreds trying to get my MDMA out and I literally forgave her because she was beautiful – but no handbag has ever managed to seduce me as much since. <– Did I write that?


I did important things today.
I tweezed my fridabrow, put on a cute cheap dress without showering and took some photos for.. a thing. I need to set up my printer and print out some documents and I definitely will. I also ought to put my hotdogs in the fridge, maybe.

Speaking of Frida, if you’re one of those people that other people like to photograph looking bad, or you secretly think of yourself as a model but you make so many weird faces that being photographed is hit or miss … invest in lots of little inexpensive mirrors so you can photograph yourself and see what you’re doing.
Also I am a really, really good photographer. (You probably should’ve remembered that before telling me about your “model” girlfriend.)


I updated my >>flickr<<. Can we bring flickr back please, it’s better than facebook.

I mean, unless and until facebook admits they deleted my old facebook because I uploaded a video of me dancing with one of my exes and they got jelly, I’m MAD AT YOU AND WE ARE IN A BIG FIGHT

Also whenever you date a guy called Tom… you’re either dating a me or the boring guy that was friends with fucking everyone on myspace

Light self/shadow self etc

Ugh god I am being a total ladyboy and totally obsessing over lady gaga right now.
I’m at least 70% hoping one of my hautie stalkers will come spend a few days with me at Haus of Unicorns and Psychix. They’ll probably show up a day or two before Lisa comes over by some 100% coincidence and fall in love with her/mum zone her instead.

Also I now get how it felt for the people that pretended not to crush on me, when I was in ridiculously long-lasting shitty relationships with people that were too attractive to fully despise. (Is that why you had tinder fixed so I could only find ugly people?)


I had a really cute Aphrodite in my life and then she fucked me over and then I got given one that was literally too unattractive to be cruel to. Never again, please. Also – no one that was dropped on the head as an infant. That is one of my insults when people are nasty and it gets awkward when I ask and they say “YES!!!”

I’ll have either Louise or *hides behind a blanket and stares*

For every person I’ve actually fancied, that wasn’t me in another body

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