Last night I moved back into Haus of Psychix & Unicorns. None of these photographs do the room any justice but I wanted to capture some details. My life has cycles – I’ve always been vaguely aware of them but essentially, they involve struggle > pick my allies (often the wrong ones) pick my enemies (generally people who have mistreated me, it’s not some random selection) > revenge on my enemies > allies forget everything I’ve done for them/taught them and eventually they also become my enemies (y’know how Harry Potter tries to use Snape’s own spell against him…??) > isolation (some kind of grief) > struggle (like gathering resources and working things out with hindsight) > even bigger fucking revenge (this bit I have always been perfect at)

So0o if we team up, try not to pretend I’m not your revenge too

I’m trying something new – if I wouldn’t fuck you or mother-zone you, there’s 0 chance of us being allies. I think it’s safe to say the next phase of my revenge is going to be pretty explosive (not literally, although truthfully iunno anymore, ha). I know it’s important to some people, to have hippie-ish ideals and motivations in life but that’s never, EVER going to work for me.

Abraham Hicks says that if we all had peace, and if we all liked each other, and we all functioned on some sad hippieish smurf and smurfette level of existing – there’d be no growth. So I apologise in advance for the worst of me which is yet to come.


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