Do you know how you can tell if someone’s viewed your art? I mean if they’re a musician or a film maker or something?

Their work synchronises with yours. So I did a reaaaally weird dance when I was occupied by my alien guide – if I play the song I did the weird dance to I can tell whose seen it. It all synchronises. And people whose art I’ve seen or listened to could probably synchronise with that. Science/Art/Magic are the same thingggg

I said this ages ago and someone was like “Wat” – she’s made zero interesting discoveries in her life so, wat indeed

It synchronises with everything I’ve ever seen

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 18.35.03

When I was little I had an outerbody experience – I came across a dead kitten on a roof with blood leaking out of it’s nose and got lost staring at the slowly congealing blood. I saw myself watching myself staring at the cat. We swapped bodies.

So when I say I judge “cat people” it really means something. Loyalty is inherent in dogs and that is a quality I really admire and thats why I’m a “dog person”. If you died in your apartment your cats would see you as a snack if they got hungry enough.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 18.34.34

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