I sent this to a bitch on godsgirls. all the old bitches that bullied me when i was like seventeen/eighteen. They’re all married/dating ugly guys and they’re boring AF. They got really mad at me (this wasn’t the real reason but lets pretend) because I faked an ID to do softcore porn. As if they hadn’t all faked IDs and fucked older guys. At least faking legal documents can get you a job with the secret services. Also I imagine that most of them are by some coincidence quite infertile, or they’ve stolen eggs. Or they’re fragments of me.

I once had a dream about an artist in Farnham – a very old lady. I met her and she asked if I knew how old she was. She said “I’m very, very old” – and later in the dream she told me her name was Priscilla. She took me and an ex to her home and he was washing her dishes while Tintin was wandering around. She went up to her bedroom and lay down to die. As I went up her stairs looking for her, a ghost form of her was standing in front of me and it did the terrifying ghost scream and a voice said “have no fear” and my instinct (in what might’ve been the most scary moment of my life at the time) was to hug her really tight. (A lot of guys stole that as a coming-out to girls about being able to leave my body chat up line, but it’s actually in many religions books)


She settled down, turned around and went back up the stairs and I followed her and saw the dead body lying peacefully in bed.
I literally delivered that soul fragment myself.

Then a Godsgirl I had really fancied, who had never bullied me outside of her normal pretty-rude-to-everyone behaviour – ended up having one of the most beautiful little girls. >> You can see her kids here <<

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 16.04.20.png

And her name is Priscilla. Her older sister is an A-B. Those kids are actually mine and Annaliese’s – everyone knows I lost a few, but so did she – but y’know, keep it in the fragment-family.

Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 16.02.52.png

I’ve always said that my favourite character was Aeris, in Final Fantasy Seven. She’s an ancient – they’re called “Cetra”.


Screen Shot 2018-08-09 at 16.05.13.png

We actually have lots of different forms – our soul splits up into the many bodies across the Planet to convey aspects of our personality in order to find our twinflames. So I’d say that Aeris’ twinflame and most elevated point of growth would’ve been Sephiroth. A male version of her.

(Now imagine a male version of you in a girl’s body and it all gets a little confusing doesn’t it?)


It’s really karmically conceptual but how does someone so strong happen? Iunno, probably by being ganged up on by people they really admired and obsessed about all day. But it’s no surprise that when I lost interest in all the amazing girls that got naked online and talked about their lives … the whole thing died. No one really gave a fuck about softcore pornstars.

“make up artists” though, amirite? SO NOSEY.

I only ever needed lip injections … which shouldn’t of been that big a deal to a load of girls in their late twenties who’d had their breasts augmented and assholes bleached

Thanks Kim for bringing fat asses in because mine was always an issue.

The weird names we give ourselves all link together. Thats why I invented a religion that encompasses the archetypes of our time. Everything links together.

I can thank the etymological dictionary I stole from the spiritual school I went to a million years ago. (Google “etymological”, I’ll give you a second)

Also I think Benefit and Sephora – was it? Would probably be really insulted if you suggested they’re all the same thing. They’re not. But what do I know about anything, I only dragged millions of people into an incredible enlightenment about planetary existence. Slutever amirite

I mean that’s not really my revenge, my revenge is that I’m an actual vampire and you’re just a tacky goth and also you’ll never be with your “the one” because I’m a fragment of your the one. I’ve been genuinely good and loving to most people and mine still kind of ended up having me gangraped and tortured – so… fuck knows what yours would do to you. In the words of my fantastic spiritual teacher Lisa “you’ll never be together, he’s too controlling”

That I ammmmmmm

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